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EasyFit Professional v5.50 Crack


Software Description: EasyFit Professional v5.50 Crack Patch

EasyFit was especially designed to offerreliability data analysis automation and best model selection.EasyFit allows to easily and quickly select the probabilitydistribution which best fits to data, reducing your analysis timesby 70-95% over manual methods.
It includes numerous features designed to save you time, preventanalysis errors, and help you make better business decisions. Thekey feature of EasyFit is the ability to automatically fit over 55distributions to sample data and select the best model (advancedusers can apply the manual fitting feature).

The goodness of fit tests (Kolmogorov-Smirnov, Anderson-Darling,Chi-Squared) and a variety of graphs (probability density,cumulative probability, survival, hazard, P-P plot, Q-Q plot etc.)help you compare the fitted distributions and ensure you haveselected the most valid model.
Finally, you can apply the integrated StatAssist tool to makebusiness decisions based on the analysis results. The advancedExcel integration enables you to use the power of EasyFit right inExcel. EasyFit allows to perform worksheet data analysis andsimulation, create advanced worksheet models, and develop VBAapplications dealing with uncertainty to tailor your specificneeds.

Supported Distributions:
– Bernoulli, Beta, Binomial, Burr (Singh-Maddala)
– Cauchy (Lorentz), Chi-Squared
– Dagum (Inverse Burr)
– Erlang, Error (Exponential Power), Error Function,Exponential
– F Distribution, Fatigue Life (Birnbaum-Saunders), Frechet
– Gamma, Generalized Gamma, Generalized Extreme Value (GEV),Generalized Logistic, Generalized Pareto, Geometric, Gumbel(Extreme Value)
– Hyperbolic Secant, Hypergeometric
– Inverse Gaussian
– Johnson SB, Johnson SU
– Kumaraswamy
– Laplace (Double Exponential), Levy, Logarithmic, Logistic,Lognormal, Log-Gamma, Log-Pearson III (LP3)
– Nakagami, Negative Binomial, Normal
– Pareto, Pareto 2 (Lomax), Pearson 5 (Inverse Gamma), Pearson 6,Pert, Poisson, Power Function
– Rayleigh, Reciprocal, Rice (Nakagami-n)
– Student’s t
– Triangular
– Uniform
– Wakeby, Weibull

Here are some key features of “EasyFit”:
– Five classical reliability distributions
– Two advanced distributions
– Automatic parameter estimation procedures
– Two goodness of fit tests
– High-quality graphs
– Descriptive statistics calculation
– Excel-like spreadsheet for data entering & manipulation
– Data importing (Excel, ASCII)
– Easy to use interface
– On-line documentation
– Analyze your data sets even if they are very large
– Develop better models by applying advanced distributions
– Make right & quick decisions with interactive reports

Installer Size: 5.92 MB

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