Tue. Nov 30th, 2021
IO Checker v3.2 R1 Crack


Software Description: HDL Works IO Checker v3.3 R4 x64 Full Crack

IO Checker uses rules (based on regularexpressions) to match the signal names in both the FPGA and PCBdesign environment. It allows the tool to validate groups ofmatches although individual signals can still differ. The rules canbe generated automatically and be fine-tuned by the designer. Theautomated approach will often match 80% to 90% of all devicepins.
The flexibility of IO Checker allows it to be used in any designflow and does not require any design methodology. The rulesgenerator in combination with the sorted problem view allowsengineers to validate a 1000+ pins device in half an hour. Once theproject and its rules are defined it is a simple task to keep theFPGA and PCB data consistent. All out-of-date files are processedin one action and all changes are reported.

– Compare FPGA and PCB pin names using regular expressions
– Create & update FPGA constraint file
– Automatic rule generation
– Voltage checks for power pins
– User directed acceptance of verified differences
– One click verification and consistency
– Reports incremental changes in pin- and net list
– Concentrate on a dozen differences instead of a thousandlines
– Fits in any design flow
– HTML report

Installer Size: 62 MB

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