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Mentor Graphics FloVENT fve.10.1 Update 1 Crack


Software Description: Mentor Graphics FloVENT fve.10.1 Update 1 Cracked

FloVENT® is powerful computational fluiddynamics (CFD) software that predicts 3D airflow, heat transfer,contamination distribution and comfort indices in and aroundbuildings of all types and sizes. FloVENT’s fast and easy-to-usemenu system is designed specifically for engineers involved in thedesign and optimization of heating, ventilating and airconditioning (HVAC) systems.

Create Intelligent Models
FloVENT features the most complete and technically advanced modelcreation environment for HVAC airflow modeling design:
– Models that range in scale from diffusers, heat exchangers,grilles, CRAC units and enclosures are assembled quickly from acomplete set of SmartParts (intelligent model creation macros).
– SmartParts capture modeling expertise streamlines model creation,minimizes solve times and maximizes solution accuracy.

Robust Structured Cartesian Mesher Minimizes SolutionTime
FloVENT uses a structured-Cartesian grid method – the most stableand numerically efficient type available. The ability to localizeis also included for finer resolution where it is needed,minimizing solution time and avoiding the penalty of grid cellsthat “bleed.”

Finely-tuned Solver
For over 25 years, the FloVENT solver has specifically addressedheating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) applications:
– The solver, based on a Cartesian gridding system, delivers themost accurate results possible and the fastest solution time pergrid cell.
– Massive disparity in geometric length scales are resolved usingthe unique ‘localized-grid’ technique which allows for integrallymatched, nested, non-conformal grid interfaces between differentparts of the solution domain.
– The conjugate nature of heat transfer is concurrently solvedusing a preconditioned conjugate residual solver together with aflexible cycle multi-grid solution technique. Pragmatic, unique andaccurate solution termination criteria produce useful results inengineering, not academic, time scales.

Powerful Visualization Tools
Fully rendered models, 3D flow animation and tools for dynamicmanipulation of temperature and flow results, enable engineers topinpoint thermal and ventilation issues and visualize designimprovements quickly and effectively. Texture mapping and videooutput enables powerful communication of design concepts withnon-technical colleagues and customers.

Installer Size: 495 MB

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