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Professor Teaches Windows 8.1 v1.2 Crack


Software Description: Professor Teaches Windows 8.1 v1.2 + Crack

Professor Teaches courses use real-worldsettings and accurate simulations to help you apply your newknowledge directly to daily tasks and the knowledge you gainbecomes an asset for life.

Chapter 1: Windows 8.1 Basics
– What is Windows 8.1?
– Starting Windows 8.1
– Using Touch Devices
– Exploring the Start Screen
– Introduction to Charms
– Using Search
– Introduction to Apps
– Adding and Changing User Accounts
– Shutting Down your Computer

Chapter 2: Personalizing Windows 8.1
– Personalizing the Start Screen
– Removing Tiles from the Start Screen
– Resizing Tiles
– Moving Tiles
– Customizing Your Settings
– Personalizing User Accounts
– Exploring the Control Panel
– Personalizing the Desktop
– Changing the Monitor Resolution
– Modifying Folder Options

Chapter 3: Using the Desktop
– Working with the Start Screen
– Using the Taskbar
– Managing Multiple Windows
– How to Customize the Taskbar
– Creating Shortcuts
– Getting Help

Chapter 4: Working with Files and Folders
– Introduction to Files and Folders
– Viewing Folders
– Opening Files and Folders
– Exploring the Computer’s Contents
– Searching for Files and Folders
– Creating and Renaming Folders
– Selecting Files and Folders
– Moving, Copying, and Deleting Files
– Using the Recycle Bin

Chapter 5: Working with Applications
– Introduction to Windows Media Programs
– Using the Pictures Library
– Using the Video App
– Windows Media Player
– Burning Files to CD and DVD
– Creating XPS Documents
– Installing Additional Software

Chapter 6: Exploring Print Features
– Printing with Windows 8.1
– Adding a Printer
– Working with the Print Dialog
– Working with the Print Queue
– Troubleshooting Printer Problems
– Installing Fonts
– Setting Up an Internet Connection
– Introduction to Internet Explorer

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