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SeismoSpect v2016 Crack


Software Description: SeismoSpect v2016 Cracked

SeismoSpect allows users to create their ownlibrary of ground motion records and save them all in a single filemaking it easy to handle and share large numbers of records. Thisapplication is then capable of applying several filter types,perform baseline-correction, computing the mean spectral responseof a collection of accelerograms and to compare these results witha target spectrum. A number of strong-motion parameters can also becalculated.

In addition, SeismoSpect features a friendly graphical userinterface capable of reading single accelerograms defined in bothsingle or multiple values per line formats (the two most popularformats used by strong-motion databases).

Finally, and due to its full integration with the Windowsenvironment, SeismoSpect allows for numerical and graphical resultsto be copied to any Windows application (e.g. MS Excel, MS Word,etc.), noting that the plots characteristics can be fullycustomised from within the program itself.

Here are some key features of”SeismoSpect”:
– Capability of applying several filter types and to performbaseline-correction using up to third order polynomials.
– Capability of computing the mean spectral response of acollection of accelerograms and to compare these results with areference spectrum (users can thus combine different records inorder to individuate those whose average spectrum will meet acertain reference spectrum).

Finally, a module was introduced to compute a number ofstrong-motion parameters often required by engineer seismologistsand earthquake engineers, such as:
– Maximum acceleration, velocity and displacement
– Effective design acceleration (EDA)
– Overdamped and constant-ductility inelastic response spectra
– Root-mean-square (RMS) of acceleration, velocity anddisplacement
– Arias (Ia) and characteristic (Ic) intensities
– Cumulative absolute velocity (CAV) and specific energy density(SED)
– Acceleration (ASI) and velocity (VSI) spectrum intensity
– Sustained maximum acceleration (SMA) and velocity (SMV)
– Predominant (Tp)
– Significant duration

Installer Size: 9.58 MB

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