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Siemens LMS Test.Xpress v10.0.0.141 + Export Extension Pack v3.11.2205 + Test.Lab Data Plugin 14A x64 Crack


Software Description: Siemens LMS Test.Xpress v10.0.0.141 + Export Extension Pack v3.11.2205 + Test.Lab Data Plugin 14A x64 Crack Serial

LMS Test.Xpress is a no-compromise sound,durability and vibration analyzer that combines the ease of use ofa traditional analyzer with the high speed performance andmeasurement quality of an advanced measurement system. The noiseanalyzer software is an excellent solution for a wide range ofvibration and acoustical ISO standards and includes an easy-to-useinterface.

LMS Test.Xpress system is one of the most powerful analyzers ofits class with up to 204.8 kHz sampling rate per channel, 24 bitsresolution and 150 dB dynamic range – bundled in a fully rugged andultra-portable frontend system. The software is easy to understandand provides optimal productivity for different types of tasks suchas troubleshooting, verification work, mobile testing orqualification and certification testing. The analyzer softwareaddresses all industry needs, from automotive manufacturing andwhite goods to machinery components and business electronics. Theintuitive user interface is also available in multiplelanguages.

FFT Analyzer
LMS Test.Xpress FFT Analyzer offers real-time analysis of fastFourier transform (FFT), power spectral density (PSD), crosspowers, frequency response functions (FRFs), coherences and more.You can determine resonances, damping values and harmonic contentfrom the frequency spectrum.

Modal Impact Testing
LMS Test.Xpress Modal Impact Testing supports interactive and easymeasurement using impact hammer excitation according to roving orfixed hammer techniques. The calibration wizard guides you throughthe calibration process.

Octave Analyzer
LMS Test.Xpress Octave Analyzer is ideal for troubleshootingacoustic problems. You can use the octave filter functions toaverage or track against a specific channel.

Integrating Sound Level Meter
LMS Test.Xpress Integrating Sound Level Meter replaces traditionalintegrating sound level meters. It supports the full set of soundlevel meter functions while providing calculation on multiplechannels.

ISO Sound Power
LMS Test.Xpress ISO Sound Power makes ISO certification testingeasier. To ensure compliance with the ISO measurement process andminimize operator error, the procedure is fully automated andpassword protected.

ISO Sound Intensity
LMS Test.Xpress ISO Sound Intensity supports ISO certificationtests for point and scanning methods. Critical results such as ISOfield indicators and calculated levels are presented in tabularformat.

ISO Human Body Vibration
LMS Test.Xpress ISO Human Body Vibration software providesreal-time feedback, limit value indicators and European Commission(EC) directive violations and helps you meet ISO 2631 and ISO 5349certification standards.

Order Analyzer
LMS Test.Xpress Order Analyzer calculates order maps, single ordercuts and overall levels, resamples data relative to specificrevolutions per minute (RPM) or speed channel and clearly shows allspeed-related phenomena.

Durability Analyzer
LMS Test.Xpress Durability Analyzer is a dedicated setup,calibration and data validation software application that allowsquick and easy system configurations and swift data delivery.

Throughput Recorder
LMS Test.Xpress Throughput Recorder directly streams data to diskand saves long data sequences at high bandwidth while maintainingflexible data visualization and manipulation. Data throughput isalso available in standalone mode.

Installer Size: 3246 MB

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