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Siemens Simcenter STAR-CCM+ v12.06.011 x64 Crack


Software Description: Siemens Simcenter STAR-CCM+ v12.06.011 x64 Cracked

Predicting the real-world performance of a product requiressimulation tools that span a variety of engineering disciplines.STAR-CCM+ is an all-in-one solution that deliversaccurate and efficient multidisciplinary technologies in a singleintegrated user interface.


Don’t just simulate, innovate!
In order to design better products, engineers need to predict theconsequence of any design changes on the real-world performance oftheir product, for better or for worse. Historically thosepredictions came from hand calculations or from the experimentaltesting of physical prototypes. Today, engineering simulationoffers comprehensive predictions that are usually more accurate andalways less expensive than experimental testing. Deployedeffectively, these can be used to improve a design through multipleiterations. Ultimately this results in higher quality and morerobust products that better fulfill customer expectations. Unlikeother methods, engineering simulation also offers the benefit ofexploring the performance of a product over the full range ofoperating conditions that it is likely to face in its working life,rather than just at a handful of carefully chosen “design points.”However, not all engineering simulation tools are created equal. Inorder to provide a constant stream of relevant engineering data,simulation software must be:

– Multidisciplinary
Solving complex industrial problems requires simulation tools thatspan a multitude of physical phenomena and a variety of engineering disciplines. Real-world engineering problems do notseparate themselves into convenient categories such as“aerodynamics”, “hydrodynamics”, “heat transfer” and “solidmechanics”. Only multidisciplinary engineering simulation canaccurately capture all of the relevant physics that influence thereal-world performance of a product, and can be used toautomatically drive the virtual product through a range of designconfigurations and operating scenarios. By minimizing the level ofapproximation, engineers can be confident  that the predictedbehavior of their design will match the real-world performance oftheir product.

– Timely
No matter how “realistic” your simulation is, the data it providesis useless if it does not influence the final design of yourproduct.  For simulation to be a useful tool in theengineering design process, predictions must be delivered on time,every time. A late simulation result is not much better than noresult at all.  Ideally, simulation should generate a constantstream of data that guides and informs the design process throughevery decision. This is only possible when the simulation processis a robust and automated one. Once an engineer has invested in thecreation of a multidisciplinary simulation model, that model shouldbe easily redeployable to investigate a full range of designconfigurations and operating scenarios, with little or no manualeffort from the engineer.

– Affordable
Used effectively, engineering simulation consistently delivers ahigh return on investment (ROI). It provides far more in terms ofreduced development costs and increased product revenue than itcosts to implement. However, traditional engineering simulationlicensing schemes can make the transition from an experimentalist’smindset of “testing just a few design points” to “investigating thewhole design space” prohibitively expensive. This is because mostengineering simulation software vendors base their licensing modelaround the broken paradigm of “the more you use, the more youlose,” charging you per core instead of per simulation and tyingcustomers to an almost linear relationship between the cost oftheir license and the maximum number of cores that they are allowedto utilize in their simulations. Innovative licensing schemes suchas Power Sessions (giving you unlimited cores for a fixed price),Power-on-Demand (enabling you to run on the cloud) and Power Tokens(giving you unprecedented flexibility and facilitating designexploration) render the cost of using engineering simulationaffordable.

– Backed by experts
An uncomfortable truth about modern engineering is that therereally are no easy problems left to solve. In order to meet thedemands of industry, it is no longer good enough to do ‘a bit ofCFD’ or ‘some stress analysis’.  In order to design trulyinnovative products, engineers are often “pushing back theboundaries of the possible”. This is something that is difficult toachieve in isolation, and often requires competences  outsidean individual engineer’s immediate area of expertise. In order tobe successful, an engineer should have ready access to a communityof simulation experts, and ideally an established relationship witha dedicated support engineer who not only understands theengineer’s problems, but can approach the right expert helpwhenever needed.

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