Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Vendant Flash Card Manager v3.0.3.b0479c Crack


Software Description: Vendant Flash Card Manager v3.0.3.b0479c + Crack

Flash Card Manager optimizes your studytime.
Flash Card Manager is software for Microsoft Windows and WindowsMobile Classic/Professional that lets you create and efficientlyreview a set of tens or thousands of flash cards.
As each flash card is reviewed, you select a score that representsyour familiarity with that flash card. If you know the flash cardwell, the flash card is automatically scheduled for review lessfrequently. If you don’t know the flash card well, the flash cardis automatically scheduled for review more frequently. Theautomatic review scheduling system keeps you focused on thematerial you need to practice, not the material you alreadyknow.

– Easiest to Use: Works just like a stack of3x5 index cards.
– Most Efficient Learning Method: Automatically schedules flashcards for review based on the latest memory and learning research.You will learn faster and retain more than ever before.
– Fun: The automatic review scheduling systemkeeps you focused on the flash cards you need to practice, not theflash cards you already know.
– Get Organized: Store tens or thousands of flash cards on yourcomputer. Master them all in just a few minutes a day.
– Create and Edit: You can add and edit flashcards in Flash Card Manager or using the editor of your choice.
– Collaborate: Imports and exports flash cardpacks made by you and others.
– Language Support: Can display flash cards in anylanguage.
– Print: Can print flash cards.

Installer Size: 3.96 MB

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