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Zond Software Mega Suite 2017 Crack


Software Description: Zond Software Mega Suite 2017 + Full Crack

Software for the interpretation of geophysical data arewidespread. Depending on the nature of the application, theyencompass many different directions in geophysics. Many of thesesoftware are for seismic data interpretation.
The ZOND software package is oriented mainly fornear surface geophysics. The package has been developing during the21st century and includes applications for electric prospecting,seismic, magnetic and gravity surveys. The main focus is on DC andAC resisitivity methods however modules for seismic interpretationare planned for the near future. In developing the software,special attention is paid to ease of use and simplicity, thevariety of visualization facilities, and accounting for a prioridata. Numerous variants of borehole and other geological
data mapping are included. Depending on the interpreter’s idea ofthe cross- section type, programs give the user an option to choosespecific data interpretation algorithms.

Easy-to-use control systems allow the user to choose from thegreat number of equivalent results which are geophysically orgeologically valid. The user-friendly, intuitive interface and widerange of data presentation options allow geological problems to besolved with maximum efficiency. All ZOND programs are built on oneideology, therefore by mastering one you will easily be able towork with the other programs. Programs “understand” each other, andthat allows the interchange of data of different methods betweenprograms, promoting a more holistic approach to datainterpretation.

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