Sat. Mar 25th, 2023
Mastro v5.0.4 Crack


Software Description: Mastro v5.0.4 + Activation Crack

Mastro is an astrology software that allows youto stay creative. Its ease of use and powerful interpretationcapabilities make it an essential tool for professional astrologersand enthusiasts alike.

Here are some key features of “Mastro”:
– Natal Chart    
– Transits    
– Progressions Secondary, tertiary, solar arc
– Revolutions Solar, Lunar, Planetary
– Profections    
– Primary Directions Ptolemy, Placidus, Regiomontanus
– Midpoints    
– Midpoint Trees    
– Lot of Fortune and Lot of Spirit    
– Main Asteroids    
– Fixed Stars    
– Calculations for dates ranging from 3000 BC to 3000 AD   
– Precision of less than 1 arcsecond    
– Bi-wheel Charts    
– Tri-wheel Charts        
– 2 Coordinate Systems Tropical, Sidereal
– Geocentric and Heliocentric Systems    
– 3 Reference Planes Ecliptic, Equatorial, Horizontal
– 3 Chart Styles European, American, Vedic
– 90° Dial        
– Customizable Orbs By Angle or by Planet
– 14 House Systems Placidus, Campanus, Regiomontanus, Morinus,etc.
– Save Charts Save Events and Chart Manager
– Sort options, Categories, Filters, etc.
– Database with more than 1200 public figures       
– Easy Temporal Navigation    
– Search for Planetary Ingresses    
– Search for Direct Motion or Retrograde       
– Search for Lunar Phases        
– Planetary Periods and Strengths
– Dasha, Firdar, Ashtakavarga, Almutens
– Tables and Diagrams    
– Transits Graphs In Declination and Longitude
– Printable Reports    
– Aspects Scan Transits, Progressions, Directions
– Complete Printable Ephemeris 3000 BC to 3000 AD
– Transiting Midpoints Scan    
– Dates Conversion (Julian/Gregorian)    
– Eclipses    
– Customizable Rulerships and Subdivisions Display
– Lunar Mansions, Decanates, Triplicities, Terms
– Customizable Charts
– Colors, Strokes of Aspects Keywords Tooltips
– Aspects, Planets in Sign, Planets in House
– Expert System for Natal, Event, and Synastry Analysis (Exclusiveto Mastro)        
– Interpretations sorted by astrological factors       
– Synthesis in the form of a 2-level tree sorted by probabilisticscore and by analogy    
– Keywords along with their astrological signature       
– Ability to select planets to interpret a fragment of a chart   

Installer Size: 63.53 MB

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