Wed. Sep 28th, 2022
Astralax Magic Particles 3D v3.5 + Dev v3.41 Crack


Software Description: Astralax Magic Particles 3D (Dev) v3.51 + Activation Crack

Magic Particles 3D is technology for creatingspecial effects. Special effects are created with the help ofvisual editor. Special effects may be used for designing ownprograms with the help of API or for decorating photos and videoand more.

Perfect solution to design photos and video by specialeffects.
– Visual editor allows to create special effects in real time.
– More than hundred ready special effects are included in theprogram.
– Export to formats: AVI, TGA, PNG, BMP, JPG, PSD and DDS. Alphachannel is supported.
– Automatic creation of Screensaver.
– Timeline allows to move, rotate and scale special effects.

Best solution to design casual and indie games by specialeffects.
– Powerful and comfortable visual editor of special effects with alarge number of features.
– Fast and clear API allowing to control the behavior of specialeffects in details.
– Cross-platform
– Possibility to use any graphics engine for drawing specialeffects in game.
– Detailed manual of editor, API and integration into graphicsengine.

Installer Size: 48.8 MB

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