Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023
CyberLink ActionDirector Deluxe v1.1.1705.0 Crack


Software Description: CyberLink ActionDirector Ultra v3.0.2219.0 + Crack

ActionDirector is for the action cameraenthusiast. It’s the ultimate action cam accessory and the best wayto create powerful action videos that showcase all the excitementof your footage. On top of that it’s incredibly quick and easy touse, putting the power of movie making into the hands of evencomplete beginners.
Action cameras are the best way to record your adventures. Turningthat raw footage into action-packed highlight reels of excitementthat are ready to share is what ActionDirector is designed for. Andthere’s nothing that does it better!

Super-Fluid Slow Motion Action
Import footage taken at 120 and even 240 frames per second (FPS)and export at the same frame rate to achieve fluid slow motioneffects in your videos.
Apply color and lens corrections to 120/240 FPS footage whilemaintaining the high quality of your original video.
Apply slow motion to just parts of a clip, not to an entire videosection. No time-consuming video splitting.

Incredible 4K Movies
Retain all the detail, and crystal-clear resolution that youcapture on your 4K action camera when you import, edit andproduce.

Action Audio
Plug in any audio track to complete your action video story. Simpletools let you to fade it in, balance it out and mould it tocomplete your movie.

No Annoying Format Conversions
ActionDirector is optimized to deliver pixel-perfect editing forthe widest range of popular video formats available. While lesservideo software converts all your action camera files,ActionDirector has no proprietary formats so there’s no waitingaround . Simply import the footage from your action camera inwhatever format it’s been captured and you’re ready to go.

Instant Action Movies
ActionDirector’s powerful theme-based movie maker is the answer toturning folders of action footage into highlight-filled actionclips perfect for sharing.

Drag ‘n’ Drop Storyboard Creation
Storyboard movie making is a flexible, quick and very intuitivealternative to timeline editing. Reordering and rearranging of theclips is easily achieved by simple drag ‘n’ drop. See any addedvideo effects or transitions, and view the entire movie sequence ofscenes at once.

One-click Corrections
Take care of common action video issues with just the click of abutton. See it in action with these quick videos.

Clean and Clever Workspace
ActionDirector works hard to keep things simple with an elegantlysimple design. All modules contain refined controls designed toguide users through the production of their action showpiece.

All-in-one Action
Find the features you want to use without having to delve throughlayer upon layer of menu options. ActionDirector groups togetherall the features you want in one intuitive interface.

Installer Size: 581 MB

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