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DVR-Studio HD v4.10 Crack


Software Description: DVR-Studio HD v4.10 Crack Patch

Process your HDTV and SD-PAL DVB recordings (Transport Stream)from various receivers, DVB PC-cards and AVCHD cameras (M2TSformat) – all with just a few mouse clicks.
The design concept leads you intuitively to quick results.
A core feature are the new background processes, which relieve theuser. There is no need to have special knowledge.
Especially DVR-Studio HD contains a totally newcommercial detection which finds commercial breaks never been foundbefore.
Processing a HD recording of typical size will only take a fewminutes with no loss of quality.
File output can be in the original format of your receiver,converted to TS / M2TS format (MPEG2 as well as MPEG4) to play thefile on your PC or multimedia devices.

Design Concept
Intuitive, leading the way, recognition characteristics – these arejust a few words describing the new design.

Export in device format
Convert your existing recordings into the specific format of yourdevice. Regardless of the device a recording is taken from you canconvert it into the format you want.

Support for HD and SD recordings
DVR-Studio HD supports standard definition television (SD) as wellas high definition HDTV (HD, H264) including all video and audioformats.

Cut preview including sound and vision
You can play the area around cut-points and judge if they areplaced correctly.
Teletext functions
Call a preferred page or search information within the teletext ofyour recording . Extract content or get the subtitleinformation.
Error detection
When recording from satellite there can be errors in recordings.The error scan finds errors and you can check and convert them intocut-areas.
3D – recordings
Processing of 3D recordings available in side-by-side ortop-and-bottom technique as usual.
Setting of screenshots out of the recording
Take pictures from the recording to use them as menu- orchapterbackgrounds.
A menu with submenus – that easy
Complex menu structures with project-, recording-, chapter- andaudio menus with just a view clicks.
Many models for buttons, pictures and menus areavailable
We deliver a great number of objects and with our webservice itwill get more and more.
Output of HD-movies on DVD
Save your money and bring HD-movies on DVDs (single or duallayer).

Integrierte Brennfunktion oder Ausgabe alsISO-Datei
First create an ISO-image of your DVD or Blu-Ray to burn itlater.

We help you – of course after purchase, too. Further development,support for using our software, help with problems and a strongforum community provide added value to our product.
Output in file formats
TS, M2TS, Mpeg2, Mp4, demultiplexed …
UPNP Import
Transfer with parallel analysis and open recordings to process,directly from UPnP capable devices.

Player for HD and SD recordings
Load a recording and play it in DVR-Studio HD. Use full screen modeduring watching and automatically skip commercial breaks.
Re-ordering and exclusion of audio tracks
Some TV channels broadcast multiple audio tracks. You can re-orderthem, rename or set their language and exclude unwanted tracks, inorder to reduce the size of the resulting export.
Automatic advertising scan
The new two-level analysis can detected advertising more reliable.You just have to check the created cut areas and maybe adapt themslightly – done.
Batch mode
With help of the batch mode it is possible to export severalrecordings in a selected file format at once.
Manual and automatic chapterfunction
Separate your recording into chapters, definable by a timeline orby hand.

Using meta data
many recordings contain meta data which gets automatically importedand offered for further processes.

Individual menu creation
Design your personal menu – Colors, shadows and many more …

Output of mixed data carrires (SD and HD)
Our authoring allowes us to save a Blu-Ray-structure in combinationwith a HD-recording as a SD-recording. It is also possible tocreate HD-menus for onla SD-material.
Output as AVCHD, video-DVD or Blu-Ray
All common output formats of DVD or Blu-Ray are supported.
Automatic identification of all DVD- andBlu-Ray-formats
DVR-Studio HD automatically identifies the input blank CD and andoffers the fitting formats.
All common formats of DVD and Blu-Ray will be identified.

Internet based
DVR-Studio HD requires a permanent internet connection, so we canadjust the software quickly to changes in media formats. Smallchanges or supporting new devices we can edit directly via our webservice without the need to distribute updates of the software.Furthermore there are more possibilities.

Installer Size: 33.49 MB

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