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FairStars Recorder v3.90 Crack


Software Description: FairStars Recorder v3.90 Keygen Serial

FairStars Recorder is a real-time audiorecorder and converter software, which offers professionalrecording features with wma/mp3/ogg/wav support.
With FairStars Recorder you can record sound that is played backthrough your sound card and any other sound sources (microphone,VCR, Audio tape player etc.).
You can use it to grab any sound, including music, dialogs frommovies, game sounds etc. from your local computer or the internetwith unlimited time recording. Capture sounds can be saved directlyin WMA, MP3, OGG WAV format.
FairStars Recorder is also a audio converter and ID tag editorsoftware. With “File Converter”, you can convert(or resample)WMA,MP3,OGG,WAV format files each other fast and directly. With”TAG Editor”, you can view and edit wma/mp3/ogg id tag.

Here are some key features of “FairStarsRecorder”:
– Record audio from sound card directly to WMA, MP3, OGG, APE orWAV format with high quality.
– Record sound directly from plackback device(only for Vista).
– Real-time sound monitor before recording, easy to select recorddevice and adjust the volume.
– Skip silent passages, stop recording or record to a new fileautomatically after a set time silence (Silent Detector).
– Stop recording or record to a new file automatically whenreaching a set file length, size or time (File Limitation).
– Add files to File List automatially (File Append).
– Remove environmental noise automatically with the option FiltersSetting.
– Support writing of ID3 tag when recording and showing whenplayback.
– Support ID3 tag view, import, edit, or transfer to the file inFile List with TAG Editor and Tag Option.
– Recording Schedule for automatic recordings.
– Easy Set feature for silent sensitivity.
– Recording Wizard for beginner.
– Easy-to-use user-friendly interface, and skin support.
– Record control with hotkeys.

Installer Size: 3.01 MB

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