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GiliSoft Video Editor v10.0.0 Crack


Software Description: GiliSoft Video Editor v8.1.0 Crack Serial

Nearly everyone can shoot video, whether using a digital camera,smart phone, or a dedicated camcorder, but raw video isn’t fun towatch. GiliSoft Video Editor may help you makeawesome edited movies, it cut and join video clips with zeroquality loss, apply stylish video effects and filters, add music,titles, and much more!
Most videos serve a purpose such as telling a story or providinginformation. With GiliSoft Video Editor you can Choose the bestfootages; Remove unwanted footage; Join the best material intomovie; Add effects, graphics, music, texts; Alter the style, paceor mood of the video.

No need to be worried about formats, frame rate or file sizes,the functions of video join, split and cut can be easily achievedby Gilisoft Video Editor. The video editing software allows you toedit video files in various formats like AVI, MPEG, H.264, SWF,MOV, WMV, etc. for playback on popular devices like iPod, iPhone,PSP, PS3, and so on. The three processes, video join, split andcut, can run in background without too much space occupation.
As a video joiner, splitter and cutter, Gilisoft Video Editor hasan intuitive interface and makes it easy to turn original videosinto works of art. And also you can watch the video in the previewwindow. Gilisoft Video Editor is well worthy of having a try.

Here are some key features of “GiliSoft VideoEditor”:
Powerful Video Cutting Function:
It is common to shoot far more footage than you actually need andchoose only the best material for the final edit. Easy Cutter ofGiliSoft Video Editor can easily cut a long video file into manysmaller different video parts with no quality loss. Often you willshoot several versions (takes) of a shot and choose the best onewhen editing. Batch Cutter of GiliSoft Video Editor helps you cutmultiple video files at the same time in batch mode.

Advanced Video Cutting Function:
Advanced Cutter of GiliSoft Video Editor helps you cut video intoseveral parts and provides lots of video editing functions to makea great home movie: adding watermarks, adding subtitles, videorotation, video cropping, brightness adjustment, filter effects andso on while video cutting. Many videos can be dramatically improvedby simply getting rid of the flawed or unwanted bits. AdvancedCutter also supports deleting unwanted video clips from videofile.

Powerful Video Joiner:
Joiner of GiliSoft Video Editor is a professional video filejoining tool which join or merge multiple video files into a largeone. Users can choose whether to add the fade in/out effect tovideos by their own wills. It supports joining the same formatvideo files without encoding SUPER-FAST merge and supports joiningdifferent formats of video files and select any format one of thefile as the output format, or set a custom output format.

Powerful Video Splitter:
Splitter of GiliSoft Video Editor is perfect video splittingsoftware to split video files into several segments easily andfast. It supports splitting by time, for example every 600 seconds(5 minutes) per segment. It supports splitting by file size, suchas 100 megabytes per segment. It supports customize Split, you canset the Split Point by hand.

Add Special Effects to Video:
Effect of GiliSoft Video Editor helps you add a lot of pictureeffect (Black and White, Old Film, Embossment, Carving, WoodCarving, Pencil, Posterize, Oil Painting, Mosaic, Negative, Glow,Haze, Fog, Motion Blur) to video. It supports instant preview, youalso can adjust video brightness, contrast, and saturation at thesame time.

Add Watermark to Video:
Watermark of GiliSoft Video Editor is a full-featured yeteasy-to-use software that allows placing a digital watermark orlogo or text over an existing video in the batch mode. Watermarkscan be used for protection or adding comments to your movies. Youmay impose watermark on a whole video file or on a specifiedsection of the movie.

Add Subtitle to Video:
Subtitle of GiliSoft Video Editor is an application that allows youto permanently embed subtitles in videos. It means that you do nothave to have, and run, separate files for video and its subtitles.Instead, the subtitle file will be merged with the video file andconverted into one new file. It supports ASS, SRT subtitle format,you can instantly preview the effect, and can dynamically adjustthe subtitle font and position.

Adding Music to Video:
Sometimes music can have a dramatic effect on our perception of avideo – no matter whether it’s a movie, a commercial, or a videopresentation. But what if all you have is silent footage or a videowith just a few snippets of voice commentary that really needs somemusic to make it interesting? With Add Music of GiliSoft VideoEditor, you can easily add an audio track in MP3, WMA, OGG, or FLACformat to your MP4, AVI, or any other format video and save it as anew file.

Rotate Video:
It’s an error made by many. When filming with your cellphone, oreven a real video camera, you’re not always thinking about‘orientation’ – whether you’re filming in portrait or landscape.Some devices take into account every flick of your wrist, but mostdon’t, and you end up with a video that’s rotated by 90 degrees.Rotate of GiliSoft Video Editor may help you rotate video file andit works pretty well.

Easy Video Cropper:
There will undoubtedly be times when you need to crop your videosto remove any unwanted areas. For example, when you got some videofiles with black bars on top and bottom or you want to crop videoswith large dimensions to fit the small screen of devices. Cropperof GiliSoft Video Editor is a powerful video editor that not onlycrop your video files, but also allows you to enhance the videowith visual effects, titles and more.

Installer Size: 22.0 MB

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