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MAGIX Music Maker 2016 Premium v22.0.3.63 Crack


Software Description: MAGIX Music Maker 2016 Premium v22.0.3.63 Crack Serial

MAGIX Music Maker is a tool that allows you tocreate, edit and export songs.

Since this is an ad-supported application, users are advised to payspecial attention during installation. MAGIX Music Maker offers toinstall the MAGIX Ask Toolbar, make Ask your browser default searchprovider, and set as your homepage.

When you first initiate the program, you can view an onlineintroductory video, download sound packages for free, or load ademo song. MAGIX Music Maker is a complex software, so noviceswould have a hard time getting around it, but they have plenty ofinteractive tutorials at their disposal, and they can also accessonline forums for help.

The view mode of the slick interface can be switched from easy toadvanced, and you can choose from three music styles – hip-hop,alternative rock and techno trance. Each category comes with itsown sample instruments. Hip-hop contains bass, drums, soundeffects, pads, sequences, string, synth and vocals, alternativerock has bass, drums, guitar, keys, pads, synth and vocals, whiletechno trance instruments include bass, drums, pads, percussions,sequences, synth and vocals.

The InfoBox displayed on the lower right corner of the interfaceguides you every step of the way. In order to create a song, yousimply have to drag sounds from the media pool to the arranger.

You can zoom in and out of the view, use SoundVision to show allavailable sounds graphically, use a real-time mixer with mastereffects to professionally mix all the tracks within an arrangement,use BeatBox to easily create beats, apply audio effects (e.g.resampling, time-stretching, pitch-shifting, Gater, reverb, echo,equalizer, compressor, distortion, essentialFX), and more.

We had a lot of fun exploring MAGIX Music Maker, and we did notfind any errors. The program uses a massive amount of systemresources, which is normal, and its audio effects are trullyprofessional. We definitely recommend it to all users.
MAGIX Music Maker description

Here are some key features of “MAGIX MusicMaker”:
– NEW! More than 3,500 sounds & loops
– NEW! Lead Synth: Professional quality analog synthesizer
– NEW! Drum engine: Awesome drums
– NEW! Loop Designer: Remix loops intuitively
– NEW! VST-Support: For extra instruments and effects
– NEW! Facebook upload: Share your own songs directly onFacebook

64-track arranger:
– Music Maker provides 64 tracks (96 in the Premium version) formultimedia arrangements – enough space to create multiplepolyphonic pieces, but most importantly, so that you don’t losetrack of your project at any point

Multimedia Library:
– The multimedia library provides audio and video building blocks(“samples”) for combining on the arranger tracks. Loads ofmelodies, effect templates, and graphical animations also comesupplied for you to use in new songs & video clips

BeatBox 2:
– BeatBox 2, the new groove synthesizer, lets you make great beatswith ease. It can be accessed in the Media Pool via the”Synthesizers” button. Easy mode must be switched off to accessit

Audio effects:
– MAGIX Music Maker provides lots of different audio effects. A fewexamples – You can correct tempo and pitch in real time using”Resampling” “Timestretching” or “Pitchshifting”
– The “Audio Effect Rack” supplies “Reverb”, “Echo”,”Equalizer”
– “Compressor”, “Time Processor”, “Distortion”, “Filter”, and manyclassic effects with which almost every sound can be made. MAGIXMusic Maker provides these sounds in amazingly high quality. Thereverb effect, for example, provides lots of realistic reverbalgorithms to add depth and spaciousness to your material. Designyour “Favorite reverb” using the many
– presets as a base with their various reverb rooms which weredesigned for specific instruments and applications
– The “Gater” enables rhythmic splitting of surface sounds
– The “Vintage Effects Suite” covers “good old” guitar effects thatwere activated using a foot pedal in Jimi Hendrix’s era: morewarmth and fullness with “Chorus”, jet-like special effects withthe “Flanger” or ping-pong effects like “Delay”. The filter enablesbeat-matched frequency filtering, the “BitMachine”
– is a distorting Lo-Fi effect for those who like it a bitrougher

Media database:
– Find your recordings, sounds, pictures, and videos quicker andfaster with the MAGIX media database. An existing MAGIX databasefrom the MAGIX Photo Manager or MAGIX Media Manager is integratedin the Media Pool and can be updated directly from MAGIX MusicMaker. Use the simple search function to find suitable pictures orMP3 files for your arrangement

Audio CD support:
– Audio CDs can be imported directly into MAGIX Music Maker. Justinsert them into the drive and press “CD/DVD”. All tracks can thenbe dragged into the arranger and edited with different features oreffects. Whether for remixes or as sound material for your owncompositions – a new touch will be added to your personal CDcollection

Software synthesizers:
– MAGIX Music Maker includes the following synthesizers
– The Drum & Bass machine creates crunching beats and pulsingbasslines
– Robota is a complete drum computer with four independentinstruments which can be played live. Several faders enable allkinds of sound experimentation
– MAGIX Vita Enhance your arrangement with amazingly realisticnatural instruments from Yellow Tools, the sample specialists
– LiViD, our “little virtual drummer”, provides realistic acousticdrum tracks. Just a few instructions are enough for “LiviD” to playa complete drum track with introduction, chorus, bridge, fill-ins,etc
– BeatBox 2, the new groove synthesizer, lets you make great beatswith ease It can be accessed in the Media Pool via the”Synthesizers” button. Easy mode must be switched off to accessit
– Vita Solo Instruments for realistic instrument sounds
– Atmos for nature sounds or atmospheres like rain, thunder, orwind

High-end 32-bit floating point:
– All sound changes are executed using 32-bit floating pointcalculation for especially differentiated and high-quality sounds.This technology is also used in professional studios. This way, anaudio picture with especially high dynamics can be created. Digitalovermodulation and clipping become virtually
– impossible

Own recordings:
– Use this recording function from MAGIX Music Maker 17 to recordvocals noises, or instruments and integrate them into thearrangement

MIDI integration:
– MAGIX Music Maker helps you arrange, load, record, edit, and playMIDI data just as easily as audio data. You can combine wave soundfiles with MIDI files for controlling the sound chip on your soundcard or VST instrument plug-ins or external synthesizers, and thenarrange everything together
– For MIDI recordings and editing you can use the extensive MIDIeditor with piano roll, drum editor, velocity/controller editor,and event list
– MIDI object recording can be started directly from the arrangerby setting the recording mode in the track box to MIDI

– MAGIX Music Maker includes a professional real-time mixer witheffects rack and two insert effects for each channel, twoadditional effect tracks, two insert effects for the master as wellas additional mastering effects. The mixer’s size can be adjustedso that more than eight tracks fit on the screen at a time
– You can also group a number of faders of a specific type (forexample, volume or panorama) and use them all together

Harmony Agent:
– The Harmony Agent provides harmony recognition automatically anddetermines the key and chord of any music title. See the guitartablature of your favorite song in real time for thearrangement

Formats and interfaces:
– Import: WAV, MP3, OGG Vorbis, WMA, QuickTime, MIDI, CD-A, BMP,JPG, AVI, MXV, WMV, FLAC
– Export: WAV, MP3, OGG Vorbis, WMA, AVI, MAGIX Video, QuickTime,WMV
– Real Media Helix, BMP, JPG (all via menu “File > Exportarrangement”), MIDI, FLAC
– Interfaces: DirectX, VSTi, and ReWire (host) support (Premiumversion only one instrument per track), ASIO

Song Maker:
– The Song Maker lets you create new arrangements quickly andeasily and complement existing arrangements by automating thecomplicated steps such as sample selection and combination. TheSong Maker takes over arranging whole sections such as intro andrefrain. Therefore, you do not have to do everything yourself – youcan omit the arranging and process your selection from thesuggestions

Easy mode:
– The new Easy mode makes creating radio-ready hits possible evenfor beginners – no time is required for breaking in, and noprevious knowledge is necessary! Extended functions for advancedusers, which are confusing to beginners, are hidden. Easy mode canbe switched on and off via the buttons to the top left

– Thanks to the new info box, all important functions can be easilyunderstood as they are applied. Just hold the mouse over a buttonthat you would like to learn about and read the info text in thepreview monitor

Live Sessions:
– While the virtual instruments and sounds are played on theavailable tracks, a new track can be recorded simultaneously inrealtime. What’s more, you can also add realtime effects

– SoundVision is a new way of visualizing music which shows audiomaterial at a glance in the form of a musical galaxy. Similarsounds are clustered close together; different sounds are organizedfurther apart. SoundVision can be activated in the Media Pool viathe corresponding button. Easy mode must be switched off to accessit

Internet upload to many platforms:
– When the song is finished, it should be heard not just by yourfriends, but preferably the whole world. This is achieved,naturally, with the help of the web. Under “File > Export >Community upload” you will find the most impotant communities,where you can upload your songs. This way, your
– music can soon be heard on YouTube, MySpace, Soundcloud orDJTunes

Installer Size: 516 MB

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