Fri. Apr 23rd, 2021
SONY SpectraLayers Pro v3.0.28 Crack


Software Description: SONY SpectraLayers Pro v3.0.28 Cracked

Here are some key features of “SpectraLayersPro”:
– Select and extract anything under your cursor. Program this toolto make tiny, sharp-edged selections with pinpoint accuracy, orjust use it like an aerosol spray can to execute giant spectralcuts that span octaves.

– Train this tool on the fundamental frequency of any pitched soundand watch it automatically select that frequency as well as auser-defined number of its associated higher harmonics.

– Trace, follow, select, and extract continuous frequency bands inthe spectrum. Program this tool to reach forward in time andintelligently seek out continuous streams of the targetfrequency.

– This new tool focuses on solid spectral shapes located directlyunder your cursor. Five user-configurable controls set all thethresholds and tolerances you need to make ideal selections in anyspectral graph.

– This tool delivers noiseprint-based noise reduction that featuresartistic noiseprints-customized noiseprints containing multiplefrequency bands of any width.

Installer Size: 104 MB

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