Sun. Apr 18th, 2021
VideoMeld v1.57 Crack


Software Description: VideoMeld v1.57 + Crack

VideoMeld is a handy piece of softwarespecifically designed so that you can edit multi-track audio orvideo files, or mix them together.

The app’s interface is highly intuitive and therefore, it can beeasily used by any type of person, no matter their previousexperience regarding computers. The main window displays shortcutbuttons that help you gain easy and quick access to all the mostused actions available, such as adding an audio or video files,zooming in and out, and canceling the last action taken. Moreover,all the uploaded tracks are placed parallel to each other, so thatyou can visually compare them with ease.

The program presents in a tab-like display all the effects foraudio and video, such as “Crop/Pan/Zoom,” “Perspective,” “Magnify,”“Pitch” and “Noise Reduction”.

The interface of the utility also supports multiple languages likeEnglish, Russian, German, French and Japanese.

VideoMeld enables users to record everything that is happening onyour screen with a lot of different options, such as “Mousemagnifying glass” or capturing only certain windows or areas on thescreen. This feature is very useful if you are interested increating tutorials, for example.

The application supports import from an array of file formats,including MP3, WAV, MP4, WMV, PNG, JPG, BMP and the list goeson.

In order to enhance usability, the program incorporates the “dragand drop” feature and you can also use the mousewheel in order toscroll through columns and rows.

In conclusion, VideoMeld is a piece of software that enables you toedit multi-track audio and video files. You can record the actionstaken in specific areas of the screen and there is a large numberof effects that you can add to multimedia tracks, features thatmake this utility highly efficient and useful.

Installer Size: 9.5 MB

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