Mon. Apr 19th, 2021
DameWare Remote Support v12.0.4.5007 Crack


Software Description: DameWare Remote Support v12.0.4.5007 + Crack

DameWare Remote Support is a powerfulapplication designed to assist the network administrators who needto remotely access and manage other computers. The package includesmultiple tools that aim to help you increase your daily activityperformance.
The DameWare Remote Support (DRS) is the flagship of the suite andallows you to perform most of the network administration tasks. Itis designed to access the parameters of remote desktops or laptopsfrom a single interface in order to efficiently provide support totheir users.

This tool can view the installed devices or runningapplications, start services, terminate processes or even shutdownthe computer remotely. You are also able to access the system toolsin order to backup the system or manage the shared folders.
Most of the actions that can be performed by the Remote Supporttool can be scheduled to a certain date and repeated daily ormonthly. This feature enables you to save time when you need toperform maintenance on a large number of workstations.
Unlike other administration tools that require you to install aclient on each computer before accessing the remote station, DRS isable to install the the agent exactly when you need it. The agentcan be deployed from the administrator’s computer with minimumeffort.
Other included tools enable you to create an easy installationpackage and to browse the physical network in order to export theinformation about the connected devices. The information can laterbe used for presentations and reports by importing the XML files inother applications.
Although this tool is designed for experienced administrators, itprovides an extensive documentation that can be helpful when youare transitioning from a smaller environment.
The DameWare Remote Support suite comes in handy when you need tomanage multiple computers and provide support to users from remotelocations.

Here are some key Features of “DameWare RemoteSupport”:
– DRS’s Active Directory functionality does not require the user tobe currently logged into the Domain in order to function. We alsocontinually receive comments from our user community, that theimplementation of our Active Directory interface is one of the beston the market today. Not only in functionality, but also inflexibility and ease of use.
– DRS also includes the Mini Remote Control program, as well as theDameWare Exporter. So you are actually getting three powerfulproducts all in one low price.
– DRS is a multi-threaded application, which allows for enhancedperformance and speed. So you don’t have to wait for one View tofinish loading before starting another task within the software.You also have the ability to customize the thread priorities.
– DRS is implemented within an MDI (Multiple Document) interface.In other words, you can have multiple views open for the samemachine or even several different machines simultaneously.

Installer Size: 72.9 MB

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