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GreenBrowser v6.9.1223 Crack


Software Description: GreenBrowser v6.9.1223 + Activation Crack

GreenBrowser is your best choice of a flexibleand powerful green web browser.
GreenBrowser is the least memory occupying browser, it is thefastest browser and also the most configurable browser.
GreenBrowser is free to download and use. If you feel that oursoftware is good! Feel welcome to donate!
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Here are some key features of “GreenBrowser”:
Search Engine
You can customize the GreenBrowser search bar. Drag and Drop textinto the search button to search directly. You can search by dragand drop via the quick menu

Auto Fill Form
GreenBrowser has many intimately convenient features to help you tofill forms very quickly. Identity, General form, Multi-accountform, Auto submit form are some of the options.

Mouse Drag
You can drag a link, image, or text, And you can perform differentoperations for them, such as open, search, collect, copy and soon.

Mouse Gesture
If you move your mouse with the right button pressed, you canperform various tasks. You can view the tips of mouse gestures inthe status bar.

Ad Filter
GreenBrowser has a powerful ad filter. It has features such asfilter popup ad window, filter duplicate window, filter embedded adcontent, and filter floating ad.

The collector can help you to collect text, save and ad filterrecord, and also run script. Click the first button of the statustoolbar to open the collector.

You can save several pages as a group, then with one click to openthe group with one click. You can also use a special downloadcontrol scheme when you save a page to a group.

GreenBrowser has many useful plugins, and you can add plugins tothe external toolbar. The external toolbar also has some commonlyused plugins built in.

Tab Bar
The tab bar shows all opened pages, the tab icon show the state ofa page, for example: blank, complete state, lock, protect, mark andso on.   

Status Bar
GreenBrowser’s status bar is highly customizable. It has threeparts: tips area, toolbar area, and information area. You cancustomize the toolbar and the information area.

Boss Key
If you do not want others see that you are browsing web pages, youcan press a boss key to quickly hide GreenBrowser. The default bosskey is Ctrl+`.

Shortcut Key
You can set custom shortcut keys for most often used functions,such as search engine, plugin, and auto fill form. You also candisable the built-in shortcut keys.

Page Manager
GreenBrowser has a great page manager, and you can easily view andmanage last visited, last closed, current visited and currentclosed pages.
Save Page
GreenBrowser provides a powerful and comprehensive save function.You can auto save pages quickly. You also can easily sort savedpages and manage saved pages.

Link List
Link list dialog list all links in page, and you can also filterout the interesting links by input name or by URL, and quickly openor copy the selected links.

Quick Menu
Images, flash, media, frames are common elements in a page,GreenBrowser provides a quick menu for them. By using the quickmenu, you can edit, copy, save, hide or filter them.

Speed Dial
Speed dial on a blank page helps you open a web site quickly. Youcan edit or delete the speed dial item. You can also modify thespeed dial content and format.

Top Video Player
Some videos can be independent of web pages to the top GreenBrowserplayer window, so users can switch to another web page or programwhen viewing videos.

Installer Size: 1.2 MB

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