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Hardware Inspector v6.5.2 Crack


Software Description: Hardware Inspector v6.5.2 Cracked

Hardware Inspector is an indispensable IT assetmanagement tool. The software has an extensive list of featuresmost helpful for network administrators, IT department managers andother specialists. Planning, inventory, audit, asset transfer,retirement, reports, histories do not cover all features availablewith Hardware Inspector. Highly customizable and user friendly, ittracks each asset from purchase to retirement and provides handyreports on all management aspects of hardware and softwareimaginable. Hardware Inspector is unique to track the history ofeach asset.

First off, you need to create a new database by specifying itspath and name, then choose the data you want to view. After that,you can easily build the tree of departments and workplaces,configure the settings in order to automatically store systeminformation reports, then import devices using the ‘Computer audit’option.
By accessing the Worskpaces feature from the Document menu, you areable to view all the available devices and connected computers foreach department. The Map tab allows you to easily visualize assetson floor and room plans, generate ‘Device specification’, ‘List ofsoftware’, ‘Workplace maintenance’ and ‘Device transfer history’reports, ping specific IP addresses, as well as search for moreavailable devices and licenses.

The ‘Network connections’ window displays all of the availabledepartments along with their connections and basic details for eachdevice such as manufacturer, label and model. This way, you areable to plan and inventory connections within organizations.
In case you want to view all the available users, created groups,manufacturers, vendors, prohibited software and device statuses,you can navigate to the Catalog menu.
Considering all of the above, Hardware Inspector proves to be auseful application that comes in handy for users who need to keep arecord of devices and workplaces, as well as stay informed abouthardware and software by generating various reports in order toplan, maintain and update assets.

Key features:
– Easy to install and use.
– Low system requirements.
– Keeps records of every hardware device – not the workstations’general overview.
– Monitors history of hardware transfers, repairs, andmaintenance.
– Besides manual data entry, the program supports data import fromthe common computer configuration analysis software – ASTRA,ASTRA32, EVEREST and AIDA32. This will relieve you from the routinedatabase maintenance work.
– Automatic acquisition of detailed information on thehardware.
– Maintains a uniform database of unique information that oftencannot be retrieved by a visual check of the hardware: e.g. serialnumbers of memory modules, manufacture date, hardware’s technicalproperties, etc.
– Convenient representing of hardware’s location in a tree-likedepartment view.
– Powerful hardware search engine.
– Flexible data access management.
– Great number of reports: “Hardware Profile”, “WorkstationReport”, “List of Hardware”, “Stock Numbers”, “Workstation Output”,”Maintenance Performed” etc.
– Capability of exporting the reports into MS Excel sheets based onuser-defined templates.
– Unlimited number of serviced databases.
– Supports multi-user online access to databases.
– Customizable interface.
– Storing information on all hardware and processing theinformation using one database allows prompt retrieving variousinformation: from data on a specific hardware unit throughtechnical support’s report on the work that has been done.
– Flexible pricing policy whereas the price for the softwaredepends on the number of computers in the organization.

Installer Size: 37.58 MB

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