Tue. Jan 25th, 2022
LizardSystems Remote Desktop Audit v1.5.0 Build 99 Crack


Software Description: LizardSystems Remote Desktop Audit v1.5.0 Build 99 Crack Patch

Remote Desktop Audit is designed for monitoringthe activity of users who access your servers via remote desktop.All information about remote desktop sessions across your serverswill be collected in one place, thereby allowing for in-depth dataanalysis and providing valuable new insights. Thanks to datafiltering and aggregation, you can raise the bar for data reportsand view them in both tabular and graphical representations.

The tool will also help you to detect failed logons and othersuspicious events – which are often signs of hacker attacks. Andeven if a network incident occurs, Remote Desktop Audit will alsobe very useful for quick analysis and investigation.

Here are some key features of “Remote DesktopAudit”:
– Collect information about Remote Desktop Sessions (TerminalServer Session) from one or more hosts, in one place
– No need for software agents on remote hosts – all you need to dois to check the servers you want to analyze in the list
– Use powerful filters for remote desktop session logs to make dataanalysis much easier
– Aggregate logs by server, user, IP address, or time
– Calculate additional parameters in user sessions based on logs,such as session duration, or group sessions by server, user name,and IP address
– View event logs and user sessions in both tabular and graphicalrepresentations

Installer Size: 2.9 MB

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