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Prism Suite v15.0.0.63 Crack


Software Description: Prism Suite v15.0.0.63 Keygen Crack

Prism Suite now with full support for Windows10 is a fully integrated Windows configuration management solutionfeaturing simple and automated software deployment, IT assetmanagement and patch management.

With flexible anytime, anywhere administration, Prism Suiteimproves IT efficiency, lowers costs and ensures real-timecompliance. Eliminate your configuration management worries withPrism Suite and know how it feels to Experience Control.

Prism Suite’s simplicity, automation and granularity deliver ITadministrators:

Rapid ROI and Low TCO: Minimal training and infrastructure costs—quick time to value with no hidden costs.

Increased IT and Operational Efficiency: Single-step installs,updates and patches with no end-user involvement ordistraction.

Seamless Software License Management: Enterprise-wide visibilityacross IT assets aids software procurement and migration, andensures full license compliance during audits.

Security and Reduced Security Organizational Risk: Protection ofvaluable data and IT systems from today’s dynamic threatenvironment.

Full IT Standards and Regulatory Compliance: Consistent andenforceable configuration across servers, desktops andlaptops—wherever they reside.

Secure Administration of Distributed Environments: Built-infeatures allow secure communication and control to and from anylocal or remote device with an internet connection.

Smart Update™: Patented configuration groups automatically targetcomputers with the right software, updates, configuration tweaks orpatches, and continuously monitor and heal computer environments inreal-time.

Prism Console: Highly configurable interface provides detailed andcustomized views, simplified client installations and granularsecurity roles.

Comprehensive Reporting: Dynamic reporting engine creates standardor customized reports – allows more informed decision-making.

Outstanding Customer Support: Live, highly trained technicians whotake pride in being the most responsive in the industry.

Secured Computer Groups: Combines Prism Suite’s automatic groupingfunctions with configurable permission sets to fine-tune whichroles have the ability to modify sensitive or mission-criticalgroups of computers.

Secured Task Groups: Works by preserving a role’s overalltask-related permission sets, while allowing extra securityrestrictions to be applied to sensitive or mission-critical tasksin that are in secured Task Groups.

Automatic Organization of Scanned Assets: Enables scanned data tobe automatically organized in several ways: by asset type, bymanufacturer and by Active Directory group membership — simplifyingthe time-consuming process of reviewing a large number of scanneditems.

Customized Inventory Configuration: Allows administrators toinclude additional WMI properties during hardware inventory scans —enabling them to fine-tune what data is collected and how it iscategorized.

Hyperlinked User Defined Fields: Provides the ability to customizeall objects in the Prism Suite Console (managed computers, softwareassets and hardware assets) with hyperlinked user-defined fields —attaining even more consolidation of asset information.

Installer Size: 126.82 MB

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