Sun. May 28th, 2023
TotalD Pro v1.5.2 Crack


Software Description: TotalD Pro v1.5.2 Keygen Crack

TotalD is an application designed to help youbetter manage the content you download from your favorite hostingand file sharing services to your local drives.

Includes a sleek and stylish interface
The program includes an appealing interface that is split into twomain section, namely the category summary and the panel where youcan preview and manage your downloads. To be more precise, thedashboard comes with three broad categories, namely type ofdownload, status and labels.

The larger pane is dedicated to specifying the sources of thefiles, enables you to start, stop, remove and access thedownloadable content and add labels, so that you can find yourvideos, movies or documents easier.

In the lower section of the main window, you can view a status barthat displays the name of the file that is being downloaded alongwith the transfer speed. As far as the sources for downloading areconcerned, the tool works with the Bittorrent network, Vimeo,YouTube, Veoh, Dailymotion as well as a plethora of direct downloadwebsites.

Enables you to manage your downloadsefficiently
The idea behind the utility is to make downloading content assmooth as possible by avoiding frustrating timeouts and annoyingcaptchas that you can barely decipher. In this sense, the app comeswith a simple interface that allows you to manage all your sourcesat once.

In addition, the program enables you to control how many files youwant to download simultaneously from the same server. At the sametime, you can browse through your files whenever you need to checkthe content and even close it if you need to head out for instance.You can rest assured that the application resumes the download assoon as you reopen it.

The app also brings additional convenience to the picture,especially since it allows you to set labels for the content andspecify a dedicated folder for the files that should be stored inthose directories.

Installer Size: 4.08 MB

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