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Atlantis Word Processor v3.2.0 Crack


Software Description: Atlantis Word Processor v3.0.0 Full Crack

Atlantis is an innovative, no-nonsense wordprocessor carefully designed with the end-user in mind. Compact,fast-loading, but still powerful and efficient, Atlantis will bethe perfect companion for a wide range of your word processingtasks, – from simple to most complex. It does not matter if you area novice or a power user, Atlantis has the tools you will ever needto compose highly professional documents. Using a most original andpractical Control Board, you will create and manage all componentsof complex documents with unparalleled ease: sections, fields,headers & footers, newspaper columns, bulleted & numberedlists, styles, bookmarks, footnotes & endnotes, etc, all are abreeze with Atlantis.

With Atlantis, you can create structures and layouts rangingfrom simplest to very complex, from trivial to highly professional.You can give your documents any desired look. Atlantis has all thefeatures and tools to do just this.

But this is not all! With Atlantis, you will give font, paragraph,or structure the required format with unparalleled ease.

Headings, bookmarks, sections, columns, headers and footers,footnotes and endnotes, fields, styles, bulleted and numberedlists, tables, the most elaborate formatting, all are a breeze inAtlantis.
Atlantis has a number of original tools that simply outclass thecompetition in terms of practicality.
Last but not least, Atlantis is small, stable, and it loads andworks very fast.

Printing and ePublication features
Besides the traditional printing features, Atlantis offers a wholearray of advanced printing capabilities.
Documents can be printed with a specific zooming factor even whenthe document page size and the actual paper format do notmatch.

Multiple-page documents can be printed on one single sheet ofpaper.
Documents can be printed in two-sided mode on any printer, even onprinters which do not have such built-in capability. This will savepaper and print more compact versions of your documents.

You can even create and print various types of booklets, includingpocket-size booklets.
Finally, instead of printing your documents, you can save them tothe PDF or eBook format and publish them in electronic form.

Losing hours of hard work through computer breakdowns is alwaysmost unpleasant. Sometimes, the lost documents cannot even bere-created.
To protect you against such mishaps, Atlantis has a Safeguardfeature. Atlantis protects your documents against system failuresand accidental shutdowns by creating Safe Copies of them at regularintervals.

In addition to this, Atlantis has a Backup Files feature. When thisfeature is enabled, Atlantis creates automatic and regular backupsof all open documents. Successive versions of each document aresaved to a special folder. In this way, you will always be able togo back to earlier versions of any document, for example when youmade undesirable changes to a document, and saved it.

Control Board
The Atlantis Control Board brings together all the word processingtools and commands required to design and manage most documentcomponents. It is a very convenient set of tabbed panels, eachpanel offering a separate overview of the document Headings,Bookmarks, Sections, Styles, and Lists. What’s more, each panel hasits own dedicated toolbar with all the commands necessary to dealwith the corresponding document characteristic.

So you will use the Atlantis Control Board to perform traditionalword processing operations on your documents in the most practicalway.

But the Atlantis Control Board has other capabilities unheard-of inother word processors. As you might know, lists created in othersoftware often get wrong numbering. This can easily be fixed inAtlantis, using specific commands from the Lists panel of theControl Board. The Atlantis Control Board will also display all theproperties of the document sections, including some that are notshown in other word processors. This is not just a gimmick. Youwill be able to better understand how headers and footers, sectionbreaks, etc, are inter-related and can be managed.

Proofing tools
The advanced spellchecker of Atlantis will detect and report anypotential misspellings in your documents. Spellchecking can be runeither at your request after typing, or, most conveniently,As-You-Type.

Extremely fast and powerful, the Atlantis spellchecker has supportfor the British and American English dialects, and for a greatvariety of other languages. It will automatically check hyphenatedcompounds, abbreviations and collocations, make appropriatesuggestions whenever a misspelling or mistype is detected. Do notdoubt it. The Atlantis spellchecker will prove to be invaluable inthe creation of error-free documents.

The Atlantis AutoCorrect feature will automatically take care ofpunctuation signs, typical misspellings, common syntaxmistakes.

The Overused Words feature will help creative writers avoidrepetitions and clichés.
Finally, Atlantis has tools for fully automatic or semi-automatichyphenation of the document end-of-lines.

Power Type
Atlantis features a typing assist – Power Type. Working in closecooperation with the Atlantis spellcheckers, Power Type collectsstatistical information about text that you type, creating anordered database of the words that you use most. When you starttyping the same words again, a small window pops up with a warningsound, displaying a list of words beginning with the samecharacters. Very often, you will only have to press Enter to insertthe suggestion highlighted by Power Type. In other instances, youwill need to select the appropriate word from the list first, thenpress Enter to insert the highlighted word.

If you are a beginner or slow typist, the Atlantis Power Type willhelp you type documents in less time with less effort. But PowerType will also prove useful to advanced users: Power Type can beconfigured to suggest not only individual words but entirecollocations and phrases. Users can register custom sets of phrasesand collocations with Power Type. The Power Type suggestions willbe all the more appropriate.

Customization and Portability
Nearly all the components of the Atlantis interface can be toggledon and off at will. You can freely define menus, hot keys, andtoolbars so that the Atlantis interface completely meets your ownparticular needs and requirements.

You can choose from a variety of proprietary Color Schemes tocustomize the Atlantis document window.
Original background Sound Schemes can also be used, customized, orcreated anew for most of the Atlantis events.

But there’s more to this. You can not only customize Atlantis tofit your needs and taste. Atlantis is fully portable. This meansthat you can install Atlantis to a memory flash drive, and Atlantiswill travel with you wherever you go. You could simply plug yourflash drive into any PC running MS Windows, and Atlantis will beright there with your favorite settings.

Installer Size: 3.4 MB

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