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Atlasian Confluence v5.10.3 Crack


Software Description: Atlasian Confluence v5.10.3 Full Crack

Confluence is team collaboration software.Written in Java and mainly used in corporate environments,it isdeveloped and marketed by Atlassian. Confluence is sold as eitheron-premises software or as a software as a service.
By using Confluence you have the possibility to help your teamcreate, share and discuss various projects, contents andprospects.
You are able to collaborate with each member of your team andeasily track and manage your projects and ideas.

Here are some key Features of “Confluence”:
– Powerful editor
Confluence gives you the power to create anything – meeting notes,project plans, product requirements, etc. – thanks to a simple, butpowerful editor.

– Feedback in context
Leave your feedback on the work itself with inline comments on anyConfluence page. No more wasted time trying to match feedback inemail or chat with your work done elsewhere.

– File collaboration
You work with files every day – images, PDFs, spreadsheets, andpresentations. You can give feedback directly on your files inConfluence, and it keeps tracks of versions automatically, soyou’re always working on the right one.

– Eliminate long email threads or ridiculousfile_names_with_dates.doc to track changes on content. Share yourideas and designs, discuss feedback, iterate as team, and get onwith life.

– Organize
Link materials and ideas that are spread across 8 files, 5 GoogleDocs, 3 JIRA tickets and 2 Dropbox folders together in Confluence.Having content and context together means you can spend your timecreating great software, not digging for information.

– Communicate
Easily share plans when you are ready. Your stakeholders in Design,Q/A, Marketing and Management will love the transparency and you’lllove avoiding last minute curve balls from your stakeholders.

Installer Size: ~
480 MB

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