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AutoPrint Professional v6.03 Crack


Software Description: AutoPrint Professional v6.03 + Activation Crack

AutoPrint automatically batch prints nearly anyprintable file, including many standard bitmap graphic file types,if preferred without any user interaction.

– PDF documents are printed without the need of externalapplications
– Send BMP, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIF, TIFF (including multi-page)bitmap image files to any installed Windows-printer.
– TXT LOG or similar raw text files are transferred through aWindows canvas.
– Multiple standard page layout setups can be defined for eachprinter.
– After successful output the input print-files are deletedautomatically or saved in a user defined folder.
– AutoPrint runs as full-size application, minimized to the systemtray or as an unattended Windows32 service (Professionallicense)
– Optionally add watermarks and header or footer text lines,including page numbers, file names and more.
– Access any shared printer within your LAN or WAN.
– NEW: Print preview for graphic files including skip options
– NEW: AutoPrint acts as a receiving host system for Android mobiledevices.Install our Photos-On-Air app and there is only one clickleft to show, store or instant-print your photos via WiFi.

AutoPrint runs in the background on a local computer or on acentral Windows server system. On any connected computer one ormore special file folders are assigned. Each folder is dedicated asa input file container for one of these printers, multiple foldersfor one singular printer with different driver settings are alsopossible. Any of these folders may be defined as public share tomake it accessible for file by any operating system within thelocal or remote network.

Some user-application now sends a file to be printed (likeInvoice.pdf or dosapp.prn) into one or more of these folders.
AutoPrint will pick up these files and send them to thecorresponding printer or screen and finally delete or storethem.
If the storing destination leads to another pre-defined folder thefiles are led to the next printer and so on.
Text-files (*.txt) files are handled by AutoPrint directly.
Image-files (*.bmp, *.jpg, *jpeg, *.tif, *.tiff, *.gif *.png) areprocessed and transferred by AutoPrint.
The printout of typical ASCII text-files (like *.bat, *.ini, *log)are printed with a font as choosen by the user.
PDF-document-files are printed through an internal rendering enginewithout the need of any external application.
Raw print-files (like *.prn or any other) have to be built for acertain printer type. That means, the generating application has todeal printers internal language first!

Installer Size: 8.47 MB

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