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Diving Log v6.0.13 Crack


Software Description: Diving Log v6.0.13 + Crack

Diving Log is the perfect scuba logbooksolution to manage your dives. You can import your dive log datafrom almost every dive computer, either by importing from themanufacturer software or by direct download from the dive computer.All data can be exported to several formats, synchronized toiPhone, Windows Phone and Android, or uploaded into the web foronline presentation.

Create your own logbook printouts with the powerful integratedreport designer and share your logbook design with other users.With the numerous statistics and charts you can analyze your divedata and with the powerful search and filter function you willquickly find everything you need.
In addition to your dives you can organize your equipment, buddies,photos and dive sites. Share your dives with other divers in onlinelogbooks and visit dive sites in the map viewer prior to yourvacation.

Here are some key features of “Diving Log”:
– In the logbook window you can view and edit your dives, attachphotos and view the dive profiles. You can modify the logbooklayout to fit your needs and hide data fields you don’t need.Furthermore you can manage countries, dive sites, trips, divecenters, certifications and your equipment with Diving Log.

– You can import or direct download your dive data from about 200dive computers directly into Diving Log. You can use all importfunctions so there will be no further costs if you buy a new divecomputer.

– Diving Log can export to several file formats to use your data inother programs. The following formats were currently supported:PDF, Html, Excel, CSV, Google Earth, UDCF, UDDF, MySQL Dump, DANDL7.

– You can view all your dive sites with GPS coordinates on theintegrated map viewer. Zoom and pan around your favorite divelocations and see where you’ve dived already. When you right clickon a location, you can add a new dive site or search in two onlinedive site archives for new sites and add them to your ownlogbook.

– Create your own logbook printouts with the integrated reportdesigner or download ready to use designs from other Diving Logusers. This way you can print your dives to custom logbook pagesand add them to your logbook binder. The report designer supportsnumerous formatting and calculations.

– Diving Log has many statistics and charts which providescomprehensive analyses of your dive data. With the filter function,you can calculate the statistics and charts only for a subset ofyour dives, e.g. one year.

– iOS, Android, Windows Phone     Diving Log can besynchronized with Android, Apple iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) andWindows Phone devices. That way you have always access to yourlogbook data, even if you are not at home.

– Diving Log Touch is a touch optimized version for Windows 8, RTand Windows 10 and is available in the Windows Store. The app isoptimized for tablets, but it runs also on PC’s and laptops. It hasthe basic logbook functionality of Diving Log 6.0 and can besynchronized with the desktop version.

– With the profile editor you can either edit and fix profilesdownloaded from the dive computer (e.g. if there is invalid data)or you can create profiles from scratch. To create a new profile,you can simply draw it with your mouse or enter the values in thedata table. You can enter data in all selected cells at once.

– Diving Log can be synchronized with several free online logbooksand cloud services. This way you can easily upload your dives tothe internet and access them from everywhere. The Windows Phoneversion can be synchronized via OneDrive or Dropbox.

– Diving Log supports technical dives with Nitrox, Trimix, OC andCCR. You can add up to 10 gases per dive and unlimited gasswitches. There is profile data for ppO2, setpoint, CNS and OTU, aswell as deco ceiling, NDL and stop time.

– With the integrated deco calculator you can display data likeNDL, ceiling, CNS and tissue saturation, even if this data cannotbe downloaded from the dive computer. You can use the B├╝hlmannZH-L16 algorithm with gradient factors to adjust the conservatism.All data is updated in real time and displayed on a virtual divecomputer display.

– Search With the search field included in every window, you caneasily find the data you’re looking for. And in most output windowsyou can also filter the data with the powerful filter tool. Filterscan be applied to any database field and can be combined withAND/OR patterns.

– You can attach photos to your dives, dive sites, equipment andother data. You can also add your scanned certification images intoyour logbook. All images are linked and also stored as smallversion within the database (except dive photos). That way theimages are synced automatically to the smartphone and tabletapps.

Installer Size: 38.6 MB

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