Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023
MyLifeOrganized Pro v4.3.3 Portable Crack


Software Description: MyLifeOrganized Pro v4.3.3 Portable Crack

Now, more and more people seem very busy every day. But I guessmost of us are busy dealing with a bunch of inessential things,instead chronically delay the really important things to theso-called “tomorrow”. Move in cycles, when we wake up one day, thecountless “tomorrow” has become the “yesterday”. What then? In aword, we need to use our time efficiently under the help of aspecial time management program.

MyLifeOrganized (MLO for short) is a very famousPTM (personal time management) tool that can help you clearlyorganize your ideas, plans, objectives, tasks and projects (somekind of task that requires several steps to complete). You justneed to type them into this program, MyLifeOrganized automaticallygenerates a task list for you. In this list, all tasks are sortedaccording to their priority and importance, so that you can alwaysfocus on the truly important to-do things.

There are so many applications designed following the GTD (GettingThings Done) time-management method, while only MyLife Organized isrecognized as the top product therein. This is not only because ithas been developed and operated for many years, and accumulated agood public praise, but also owe to one fact that it always keepsfollowing the pace of times and evolves on and on. For example,MyLife Organized now supports Wi-Fi synchronization, cloudsynchronization, as well as syncing with popular apps like Outlookand MindManager.

Compared with all other similar tools, a very obvious advantageof MyLifeOrganized is – although it is such a powerful softwarewith complex functions, its use is very easy. As its name suggests,when you can skillfully use MyLifeOrganized in practice, yourlife/work will get organized hence! Eventually, it can take youstep off the terrible, deadly vice “procrastination”, so as to makeeverything in your life under control.

BTW, on Mac OS X, OmniFocus seems to be more popular than on Windows, there is no doubt, MyLifeOrganized is the one ofthe best task & time managers designed to implement the GTD(Getting Things Done) projects & PTM (personal timemanagement). Basically, it has no real rivals on Windows.

Here are some key features of”MyLifeOrganized”:
– Task outliner
– Generating ordered To-Do list
– Different predefined views
– Add new tasks quickly to “Inbox”
– Schedule tasks for a specific date and time
– Reminders
– Goal planning
– Contexts
– Filter by context
– Search-as-you-type
– Cloud Sync with Mobile/Desktop edition
– WiFi Sync Mobile to Desktop
– Calendar view
– Password protection
– Recurring & regenerating tasks
– Projects tracking
– Complete the tasks in a specific order
– Dependencies
– Custom views with filtering, grouping and sorting
– Review
– Bookmarks
– Open/Closed hours for contexts

Installer Size: 5.8 MB

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