Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
Quranic Nevisyar v1.0.1 Crack


Software Description: Quranic Nevisyar v1.0.1 + Crack

Quranic Nevisyar is a tool for writing theQuranic verses

– Firstly run open an empty document in an editing program such asNotepad or Word.
– Press Ctrl+Q to recall program.
– Use the checkboxes besides ayahs to select multiple ayahs.
– To select a single ayah, click on it so that all previouslyselected ayahs will be deselected.
– Now to insert the selected ayahs in the document click on “Insertthe document” button.
– The selected ayahs are transferred to the document.

Shortcut keys
For easier access to program features, use shortcut keys. A numberof shortcuts are as follows:
– Show or hide ayahs: Alt + Y
– Show or hide translations: Alt + T
– Show or hide ayah addresses: Alt + N
– Inert the selected ayahs in the document: Ctrl + Enter
– Recall the application while using another program: Ctrl + Q
– Search: Ctrl + F
– Search in ayahs: Ctrl +Y
– Search in translations: Ctrl + T
– Search in addresses: Ctrl + N
– Highlight search results: Ctrl + L
– Select all: Ctrl + A

Some features and functionality
– Insert Ayahs, translations or addresses in Word, Notepad andprograms like Photoshop
– Searching in ayahs, translations and ayah addresses

Installer Size: 49.12 MB

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