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ToolsToo v7.1.0.0 Crack


Software Description: ToolsToo v7.1.0.0 + Activation Crack

Enhance PowerPoint’s capabilities with the help of this usefuland straightforward productivity add-in that comes with more than85 powerful tools. Even though it might be deemed somewhatrestrictive and possibility even too complicated by some,PowerPoint is, without a doubt, one of the best choices when itcomes to creating presentations and illustrations. Among otherthings, its effectiveness stems from the fact that it manages topack a lot of useful features wrapped around a typical OfficeUI.

Shape Tools
ToolsToo has over 65 shape tools!
Many of these tools use a user-specified Reference Shape as thebasis for their function.

The shape tools include:
Adjoin shapes end-to-end
Stretch shapes
Align and Distribute shapes
Replicate shape
Make Same size, format, rotation, spacing, table column widths,animation, motion path end, rounded corners, and adjustments
Rearrange z-order and animation sequence
Make Title/Body
Paste Thumbnail
Text Split Join
Make Line Horizontal/Vertical
Reset Motion Path Start
Copy to Motion Path End
Add to Group
Add Connection Sites
Scale to 100%/height/width

Slide Tools
ToolsToo has more than 20 slide tools!

The slide tools include:
Agenda Copier – copies agenda slides and shows progress within thepresentation. This tool alone will save you hours!
Insert Picture from Clipboard – pastes clipboard as new slide andscales to fit
Reformat Slides – reformats selected slides using colors from firstselected slide and theme of the preceding slide

Split Text Between Two Slides
Split Animation – splits on-click animation sequences to multipleslides
Remove Animation/Notes/Hidden Slides/Embedded Chart Data/UnusedSlide Masters/Unused Slide Layouts/Empty

Extract Selected Slides – extracts and optionally e-mails slideswhile preserving all formatting
Extract Notes – extracts notes to a Microsoft Word document
Set Language – sets the language for the entire presentation
Slide Statistics – shows various slide statistics and estimatedduration

Installer Size: 2.7 MB

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