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Tree Notes v4.522 Crack


Software Description: Tree Notes v4.522 Full Crack

Tree Notes is a notes organizer for Windowsthat allows you to organize and manage all your notes in a treestructure with icons. Tree Notes is very easy to use andlight-weight.
Store and manage unlimited number of notes in a single databasefile.
Attach files, emails and links to notes. The attached files can beoptionally embedded and stored in the Tree Notes database.
Adds numbered bullet lists, multi-level lists (outlines),spellchecker, 100 extra tree icons, better find/replace, ability toimport and export extra formats (DOC, DOCX, ODT, HTML, MHT, ePub),improves printing, and adds PDF export. It also makes it possibleto paste images.
Also adds many new features, such as the ability to hyperlink toother notes, or the ability to sort all notes alphabetically.

Adds spreadsheets support (you can now manage not just notes,but also spreadsheets, complete with import/export from Excel), newmodern ribbon design, support for tables in notes, and many otherexciting new features.
Import and export notes of any format.

– Notes organized in a tree structure with icons
– Manage both notes and spreadsheets
– 244 tree icons in 4 sizes to choose from
– Rich text notes formatting (images, find & replace, colors,etc)
– Create bullet lists, numbered lists, and multi-level outlines innotes
– Insert images
– Attachments, attach files to your notes and store them in TreeNotes
– Print your notes
– Drag & drop text from Microsoft Word and other editors intoTree Notes
– Import and export from TXT, RTF, DOC, DOCX, HTML, MHT, ODT, ePub,XLS, XLSX, CSV
– Export also to PDF
– Spellchecker
– System-wide hotkey
– Minimizing to notification area
– Database encryption
– Portable, can be run from USB thumb-drive
– Unicode support
– Search all notes
– Automatic saving of all changes
– Easy backups
– Undo/redo feature

You can attach files, shortcuts, links, emails and email addressesto your notes. You can embed the attached files into the database.If you embed the attached files and encrypt your Tree Notesdatabase, no one without the password will be able to access theattached files.
Attach emails from Outlook to your notes – simply drag & dropemails from Outlook to the note area in Tree Notes to attach theemail.

Tree Notes is very flexible notes manager. You can use it as apersonal knowledge base or information system.

It can be also used as planning tool, project management tool,personal information manager (PIM), to-do manager, journal, loggingtool or any kind of text archive.
Easily store your notes, ideas, reports, contacts, lists and thingsyou shouldn’t forget in a single location.

You can now also manage spreadsheets, and import/export from Excel,OpenOffice Calc, and CSV files.
You can easily add new notes or import them from files to add themto Tree Notes. For example, you can import all your files likeToDo.txt and Notes.txt, so you can have them in one place. The treeallows you to have even hundreds of notes in a single file, andnavigate them easily.
To make it even easier, you can just drag & drop text fromMicrosoft Word and other word processors directly into Tree Noteseditor area.
Tree Notes can be controlled using keyboard to save your time.Activate it any time with a system-wide hotkey (Ctrl+Alt+T bydefault). Cycle through the tree using Ctrl+Tab.

Installer Size: 27.2 MB

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