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Universal Document Converter v6.8.1712.15160 Crack


Software Description: Universal Document Converter v6.5.1410.3130 + Activation Crack

Universal Document Converter is the mostcomplete solution for the conversion of documents of any types intoAdobe PDF or graphic files. The underlying basis of UniversalDocument Converter is the innovative technology of virtualprinting. As a result, exporting Microsoft Word documents, Exceltables, PowerPoint presentations, or Autodesk AutoCAD drawings intoa chosen format is just as easy as using a desktop printer.

Universal Document Converter can assist you in preparation ofdocuments for web publishing, while protecting them fromunauthorized copy & paste practices. And, of course, choosingUniversal Document Converter means big savings. Not only do you cutexpenses on the development and implementation of a corporatedocument flow system, but you also save your precious time whenpreparing PowerPoint presentations and sending materials to theprintshop or publisher. With Universal Document Converter,exporting documents is exporting worries away.

Easy Export into 8 Formats
Convert documents into PDF or image files – TIFF, JPEG, PNG, PCX,DCX, GIF or Bitmap. It’s quick, intuitive and extremelyconvenient.

Great Time and Money Savings
Forget about old fashioned print-and-scan forever. From now on,converting documents directly to PDF or images is the way togo.

Universal Language of Exporting
Drawings or multipage reports, scans or commercial posters, withvirtual printing technology, file conversion becomeseffortless.

Combine Documents
No more file formatheadaches. Create multipage documents from files of various typesin mere seconds.

Place a graphic or text watermark on your documents. Protect yourwork. Make it stand out.

Password Protection
RC4 encryption algorithm. That means peace of mind no matter what:your PDF files are secure and well-protected against unauthorizedaccess.

Premium Quality Conversion
Export documents with a resolution up to a whooping 6,000 DPI.Design, advertising and art materials preserve even the finestdetails and are ready to shine.

Auto Crop and Resize
Remove empty margins by choosing automatic border cropping orautomatically resize output files to make high quality thumbnailimages. You set the rules.

Quick and Flexible Configuration
Print or web quality? Depending on a task, you are able to choosethe optimal ratio between visual quality and file size.

Split Multipage Files
Extract separate files out of multipage documents. You don’t haveto save an entire book, if you just need a page or two.

Auto File Naming
Let the program care about the naming part. Create a basictemplate, and enjoy the perfect order of things. It just works.

Execute your own application or batch-file to add any customprocessing to each output file. Export documents like pro.

Ready for Corporate Workflow
Instantly access Universal Document Converter from remote computersthanks to compatibility with Microsoft Windows Terminal Servicesand Citrix.

Native Network Support
Share Universal Document Converter over a network and use it onworkstations to dramatically speed up conversion of documents.

Public API for Developers
Public API simplifies compatibility of the document managementsystems with Universal Document Converter.

Installer Size: 24.05 MB

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