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Windows Server 2016 (Updated Jan. 2017) x64 Crack


Software Description: Windows Server 2016 (Updated Jan. 2017) x64 Crack Patch

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 is here. Try thecloud-ready operating system today to apply new levels of securityand innovation to the applications and infrastructure that poweryour business. Support the workloads you run today, and make iteasier to move to the cloud when you’re ready.

A key component of Microsoft’s Cloud Platform, the WindowsServer operating system has a come a long way to become what it istoday: a powerful, robust and scalable solution for the enterpriseenvironment.

Developed alongside Windows 10, the Windows Server 2016 editionfocuses on cloud-computing, providing the scalability and theenhanced security your business requires to thrive. Its goal is tofacilitate automation and virtualization, transforming data centersand adapting them to today’s ever-increasing business needs.

The latest developments Microsoft implemented in the 2016 editionempower the server operating system to support higher workloads andfacilitate cloud-based operations.

Aiming to become a more flexible and cost-effective data storageand management center, Windows Server 2016 deliverssoftware-defined computing and Azure-inspired technologies forstorage and networking. In fact, Windows Server 2016 leaves thetraditional hardware-based storage solutions behind, adoptingsoftware-defined storage (SDS), an innovative approach that cansimplify infrastructure, storage management, and control withoutcompromising security or performance. The major advantage isrelated to the cost of SDS, which is significantly lower than thatof SAN or NAS storage solutions. Furthermore, Storage Replicadelivers robust data recovery options.

It is a known fact that data security is one of the priorities ofany organization. Focusing on prevention, security features inWindows Server 2016 are designed to protect both customers andemployees by implementing new capabilities to detect suspiciousactivity. New identity management options, shielded(Bitlocker-encrypted) virtual machines, Code Integrity checking,and the Control Flow Guard, along with secured Hyper-V containersensure sensitive data is safeguarded at all times.

The 2016 iteration brings a whole lot more improvements inimportant areas. It implements networking features inspired byAzure, comprising distributed firewall protection to enforcesecurity layers, as well as advanced networking policies for loadbalancing, routing, DNS management, gateway, and more.

Running and deploying applications is easier with Windowscontainers or the Nano Server. The latter is available as astandalone download option that has a significantly smallerfootprint and only encloses the essential features you need, whichdirectly impacts the boot time and the operating speed. Moreover,automation and remote management can be implemented thanks toPowerShell and DSC (Desired State Configuration). All in all, theNano Server deployment option, alongside other important featuresimplemented in Windows Server 2012, marks the shift to thecloud-ready environment of the future.

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