Fri. Apr 23rd, 2021
AgataSoft PingMaster Pro v2.1 Crack


Software Description: AgataSoft PingMaster Pro v2.1 Crack

Agatasoft PingMaster Pro is an advancedapplication designed for monitoring network connections, serversand routers.
The program can monitor network devices by surveying them by ICMPprotocol.
The program queries the device through ICMP requests (ping). Ifthere is no answer, the program notifies the user that the deviceis not responding.

For devices that do not support ICMP protocol or those withclosed firewalls, it is possible to check their availabilitythrough SNMP protocol.
The program monitors the hosts and notify user if it down. Theprogram can notify the user by popup alert window, sound signal andby e-mail notification.

This program is for network administrators, that need simple andpowerfull tool to monitor their networks.
This program is for Internet service providers, who want to show totheir costumers that their service is the best.
This program is for companies who need to monitor their networkdevices, so as not to lose their customers and to minimizelosses.
The application can retrieve data about the traffic on the networkinterfaces of devices selected and display them in the form of agraph, with the ability to display the selected period of time.

The program can monitor the traffic of network devices and reportif the traffic falls below acceptable values

Here are some key features of “Agatasoft PingMasterPro”:
– ICMP check IP adresses or domians.
– SNMP check IP adresses or domians.
– Inboard trace route utility.
– Monitoring the availability of network devices
– E-mail, Sound and visual alarm.
– Inboard SysLog server connected with data of the program.
– Quick view network status in a tray icon.

Installer Size: 2.35 MB

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