Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
AVG Remover for Win32/Prepender v1.2.0.612 Crack


Software Description: AVG Remover for Win32/Prepender v1.2.0.612 + Full Crack

Win32/Prepender is typically a cyber trojan that gets easilyinstalled into user’s computer without any confirmation. It spreadsvia compromised removable devices, infected links, p2p networkfiles, malicious attachments, hacked websites, freeware downloadingsuch as PDF creator, music player and app updates.
It can control your Internet settings and connect to remote serverfor downloading additional threats on your PC. Win32/Prependervirus will also create new registry entries for its automaticstartup. Those malicious registry keys will also help this threatin getting back on your machine after removal.

Developed by AVG Technologies, Virus Remover forWin32/Prepender is a small-sized utility designed to findfiles infected with the Win32/Prepender viruses and remove them. Itshows statistics and features some handy options that are intuitiveenough to be figured out even by less experienced users.
All in all, Virus Remover for Win32/Prepender offers a fast andeffective method for detecting and getting rid of files infectedwith Win32/Prepender. Just keep in mind that it cannot prevent thevirus from infecting your computer again, so you still need toinstall an all-around anti-malware application.

Installer Size: 2.5 MB

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