Sun. Apr 18th, 2021
DNSCrypt 1.6.1 Crack


Software Description: DNSCrypt 1.6.1 Crack


| DNS Traffic EncryptionSoftware


DNSCrypt 1.6.1 The Name Of TheSmall And Small Software Is To Protect Privacy And Internet TrafficThreats. With The Help Of This Software, Every User Can SimplyIncrease The Privacy And Security Of Surfing The Web Pages, TheFunction Of This Software Is To Encrypt All DNS Traffic Between TheUser And OpenDNS. In This Way, You Can Always Surf The InternetWith A Comfortable Imagination.

In Fact, The Way This SoftwareWorks Is Just Like SSL. As The SSL Transmits HTTP Internet TrafficWhile Encrypting To HTTPS, This Software Can Also Encrypt Your DNSTraffic. While Doing This, DNSCrypt Can Prevent Hacker Attacks,Including The Man-in-the-Middle Method. You Can Now Get The LatestVersion Of DNSCrypt Software From The Yas Website.



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