Thu. Sep 23rd, 2021
ID USB Lock Key v1.3 Crack


Software Description: ID USB Lock Key v1.3 Keygen Serial

ID USB Lock Key is a security program meant toprotect your computer from unauthorized users. It denies access, byproviding a security block-screen which can be unblocked with theUSB stick where you have the key generated by the program.

Here are some key features of “ID USB LockKey”:
– Activates the block screen by just three steps. All you have todo, in order to have your PC protected, is to introduce your USBstick, generate a security private key and unplug the USB. Yourcomputer then blocks any unauthorized access.
– Locks your computer by itself when your status becomes IDLE. Youcan choose to activate the blocking-mode by simply pressingCTR+ALT+L.
– ID USB Lock Key protects thoroughly by not allowing access noteven after a reboot of your computer. It makes sure that your PCdoesn’t reboot to its original unblocked status.
– Generates a unique protection key for one or more USB sticks. Incase you loose your USB stick, or you want to allow access toanother user on his/her private USB stick, the program willgenerate another unique key.
– Displays a lock screen. ID USB Lock Key displays a protectionscreen whenever someone else touches your computer, disabling anykey from having any influence upon it.
– ID USB Lock Key has a convenient graphic interface which is verysimple to use. It requires minimal space on your computer tooperate efficiently.

Installer Size: 2.2 MB

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