Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023
Log Parser Lizard v6.0 Professional Edition Crack


Software Description: Log Parser Lizard v6.0 Professional Edition + Crack

You computer logs almost every action that takes place behindthe scenes, even if it does not always display this information inan accessible place. System events, errors and many other suchactivities are logged and kept by the operating system, in case youmight need to troubleshoot a certain problem and you have to knowexactly what was your computer doing at a specific time.Log Parser Lizard enables you to keep track ofthis information and view detailed reports whenever you want toknow something about the state of your system. SQL queries can beexplained as a special type of search operation, only much morepowerful and with many more possible customization options.Usually, these queries can only be performed on databases, becausethey contain special terms that are not recognized by other fileformats, but Log Parser Lizard enables you to run SQL queriesagainst plain text files, thanks to its very own SQL syntax.

Here are some of the key feature of “Log ParserLizard”:
– Pivot Grid and Tree Map for advanced data mining andmulti-dimensional analysis.
– Store queries in SQL Server database for easily share among usersand computers in organization (also for backups, auditing andeverything that database storage allows)
– Advanced print preview for creating documents print or send themby e-mail from Log Parser Lizard.
– Export data to PDF, RTF, XLS, XLSX, HTML, MHT, CSV, TSV, XML (MS.Net data table) and TXT files.
– Dashboard Viewer
– Dashboard Designer (available only in Professional edition)
– WYSIWYG Report Designer (available only in Professionaledition)
– Basic customer support

Installer Size: 72.7 MB

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