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Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack 2015 Crack


Software Description: Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack 2015 Keygen Serial

Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack(MDOP) is a suite of utilities for Microsoft Windowscustomers who have subscribed to Microsoft Software Assuranceprogram. It aims at bringing easier manageability and monitoring ofenterprise desktops, emergency recovery, desktop virtualization andapplication virtualization.

Diagnostics and recovery:
– Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset(DaRT), formerly Emergency Repair Disk Commander (ERDCommander), is a set of tools that helps diagnose an offlinecopy of Microsoft Windows. It comes on a bootable disc and is runduring computer startup. It can uninstall installed hotfixes,perform crash analysis, recover deleted files and access SystemRestore’s restore checkpoints on the offline operating system in anenvironment similar to Windows graphical user interface.

Network administration:
– Microsoft Advanced Group Policy Management(AGPM)
Provides enhanced management capabilities for group policy. Itintegrates with the Group Policy Configuration MMC snap-in and addschange control, offline editing, and delegation capabilities.Change control tracks and manages changes to Group Policy Objects(GPOs). It presents a virtual vault which houses the GPOs. To makeany changes, a GPO must be checked out of the vault and the changedversion checked in. The system enforces the latest version of theGPO and archives the older version, which can be restored back ifneed arises. Offline editing capabilities allow GPOs to be editedwithout a live connection to the network and Active Directory. Thechanges are merged on the next connection. AGPM also addsdelegation capability, where the responsibility of managing theGroup Policy can be divided among different administrators. Eachadministrator is concerned with only a certain set of GPOs, whichcan then be administered independent of others. Optionally, it canbe configured so that changes are reviewed by other administratorsbefore being enforced. Advanced Group Policy Management is based onGPOVault, a product by DesktopStandard Corporation which Microsoftacquired in October 2006.

– Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring(MBAM)
A tool for managing, enforcing and monitoring BitLocker driveencryption across an entire organization from a central location.MBAM consists of administration console which can be accessed usinga web browser, as well as an agent which must be installed on everycomputer in the organization, either manually or using ActiveDirectory.

– Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V)
An application virtualization and application streaming platformthat allows clients to run applications locally via on demandstreaming from a centralized server. This makes sure that allclients run the application with the same configuration. App-V alsoallows standalone virtualized applications to run locally on theclient.

– Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization(MED-V)
It allows a physical Windows 7 workstation to host one or morevirtual machines that run their own operating systems on a WindowsVirtual PC hypervisor, with some transparent integration of theStart Menu and desktop of the virtual machine into that of thehost. Microsoft advertises MED-V as a compatibility solution thatallows enterprises to run legacy applications that will not runnatively on Windows 7 to be hosted on a legacy platform such asWindows XP, similarly to the consumer-oriented Windows XP Mode.

– User Experience Virtualization (UE-V)
A replacement for roaming profiles that will allow user preferencesand settings to roam between different environments and types ofdevices.

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