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NirLauncher Package v1.20.27 Crack


Software Description: NirLauncher Package v1.20.16 + Crack

NirLauncher is a package of more than 150portable freeware utilities for Windows, all of them developed forNirSoft Web site during the last few years.

Here are some key features of”NirLauncher”:
– NirLauncher can be used from USB flash drive without need of anyinstallation.
– NirLauncher and all the utilities in the package are completelyfreeware, without any Spyware/Adware/Malware. This package doesn’tcontain any 3-party software, toolbars, Web browser plugins, orother unwanted surprises. It will not install any software on yoursystem and it will not change your Web browser homepage or othersettings on your system.
– NirLauncher package includes variety of tools that you may needfor your daily computer use, including utilities to recover lostpasswords, to monitor your network, to view and extract cookies,cache, and other information stored by your Web browser, to searchfiles in your system, and more…
– For every utility in the package, you can easily run it, view thehelp file, or jump to the Web page of the utility.
– When using it from USB flash drive, the configuration of everyutility is saved into .cfg file on the flash drive.
– On x64 systems, NirLauncher automatically run the x64 version ofthe utility, when there is a separated x64 version.
– NirLauncher also allows to add more software packages inadditional to the main NirSoft package.
– NirLauncher allows you generate plugin files for BartPE (Launcher-> Generate BartPE Plugin Files), so you can easily use theutilities of NirSoft from a bootable live windows CD.

List of items:

AdvancedRun : Run a program with different settings thatyou choose.
AlternateStreamView : Find all hidden alternatestreams stored in the file system.
AltStreamDump : Dumps the list of NTFS alternatestreams
AppCrashView : Displays the details of allapplication crashes occurred in your system.
AdapterWatch : displays useful information aboutyour network adapters.
ActiveXHelper : view essential information aboutActiveX components installed on your computer.
BatteryInfoView : Displays battery information onlaptops and netbooks.
BlueScreenView : Show information about bluescreen crashes occurred in your system.
BluetoothCL : Show bluetooth devices list
BluetoothLogView : Creates a log of Bluetoothactivity in your area.
BluetoothView : Monitors the activity of Bluetoothdevices around you.
BrowsingHistoryView : View browsing history ofpopular Web browsers
BulkFileChanger : Change date/time/attributes ofmultiple files.
BulletsPassView : Reveals the passwords storedbehind the bullets.
ChromeCacheView : Chrome Browser Cache Viewer
ChromeCookiesView : Alternative to the standardinternal cookies viewer of Google Chrome
ChromeHistoryView  : View the browsinghistory of Chrome Web browser
ChromePass : Password recovery tool for GoogleChrome Web browser.
CleanAfterMe : Clean files and Registry values inyour system.
Clipboardic : Small and simple clipboardmanager.
CountryTraceRoute : Fast Traceroute utility withIP country information.
CurrPorts  : Displays the list of allcurrently opened TCP/UDP ports on your computer.
CurrProcess : Displays the list of all processescurrently running on your system.
CSVFileView : CSV/Tab-delimited file viewer andconverter
CustomizeIE : Add/delete toolbar buttons and menuitems in Internet Explorer.
CustomExplorerToolbar : Add Copy/Cut/Paste buttonsto the Explorer toolbar of Windows 7.
DeviceIOView : Watch the data transfer between asoftware or service and a device driver.
DevManView : Alternative to the standard DeviceManager of Windows.
Dialupass : Recovers Dial-Up passwords in allversions of Windows.
DiskCountersView : Show disk drive read/writecounters.
DiskSmartView : Retrieves S.M.A.R.T informationfrom IDE/SATA disks.
DLL Export Viewer : Lists DLL exported functionsand their memory addresses – for debugging.
DNSDataView : Retrieve the DNS records (MX, NS, A,SOA) of the specified domains.
DNSQuerySniffer : Network sniffer utility thatshows the DNS queries sent on your system.
DomainHostingView : Displays extensive informationabout a domain.
DotNetResourcesExtract : Extract embeddedresources from .NET applications.
DownTester : Test your Internet downloadspeed.
DriveLetterView : View and change drive letterassignments
DriverView : Displays the list of all devicedrivers currently loaded on your system.
DumpEDID : Dump EDID information into the consolewindow.
ESEDatabaseView : View the content of ESE databasefiles (.edb files)
EventLogSourcesView : Displays the list of allevent log sources installed on your system.
ExecutedProgramsList : Displays programs and batchfiles that you previously executed on your system.
ExifDataView : Displays the Exif data storedinside .jpg image files
FastResolver : Resolves multiple host names intoIP addresses/MAC Addresses and vice versa.
FavoritesView : displays the list of all yourFavorties/bookmarks in a single page.
FBCacheView : Shows Facebook images stored in thecache of your Web browser.
FileTypesMan : Alternative to the ‘File Types’manager of Windows.
FirefoxDownloadsView : Displayed the list ofdownloaded files in Firefox
FirmwareTablesView : Displays a list of firmwaretables (ACPI, SMBIOS) stored on your system.
FlashCookiesView : View Flash cookies stored inyour computer.
FolderChangesView : Monitor folder/drivechanges.
FolderTimeUpdate : Updates the ‘Modified Time’ offolders.
GDIView  : Displays the list of GDI handlesopened by every process
HashMyFiles : Calculate the MD5/SHA1 hashes ofyour files
HeapMemView : View the content of all memoryblocks allocated in the heap.
HotKeysList : Displays the list of hot keys thatare currently registered on your system.
HTMLAsText : Converts HTML documents to simpletext files.
HtmlDocEdit  : Simple HTMLdesigner/editor
HTTPNetworkSniffer : Captures and displays HTTPrequests/responses.
IconsExtract : Extract icons and cursors fromexecutbale files (EXE, DLL, OCX, CPL, etc.)
IECacheView : List all files currently stored inthe cache of Internet Explorer.
IECookiesView : Displays the cookies that InternetExplorer stores on your computer
IEHistoryView : Displays the list of Web sitesthat you visited with IE Web browser.
IE PassView : Recover passwords stored by InternetExplorer (Versions 4.0 – 8.0)
ImageCacheViewer : Displays images stored in thecache of your Web browsers.
InsideClipboard : Displays the content of allformats stored in the clipboard.
InstalledCodec : List Codec drivers and DirectShowfilters installed on your system.
InstalledDriversList : Lists all device driversthat are currently installed on your system.
IPInfoOffline : view country information about IPaddresses.
IPNetInfo : Easily find all available informationabout IP address.
JumpListsView : Displays the information stored bythe ‘Jump Lists’ feature of Windows 7.
LastActivityView : View the latest computeractivity.
LiveContactsView : View the details of allcontacts in your Windows Live Messenger.
LSASecretsDump : Dump the LSA secrets from theRegistry.
LSASecretsView : displays the list of all LSAsecrets stored in the Registry on your computer.
MACAddressView : MAC address lookup tool
Mail PassView : Recovers email passwords
MonitorInfoView : displays essential informationabout your monitor.
MozillaCacheView : List all files currently storedin the cache of Firefox/Mozilla browser.
MozillaHistoryView : Displays the list of visitedWeb sites in Firefox/Mozilla/Netscape Web browsers.
MessenPass : Recovers the passwords of instantmessenger programs
MUICacheView : Edit/delete MUICache items in yoursystem
MultiMonitorTool  : Enable,disable,and setthe primary monitor in Multi-Monitor system.
MetarWeather : Decode METAR weather reports, anddisplay them in a simple weather report table.
MyEventViewer : MyEventViewer is a simplealternative to the standard event viewer of Windows.
MyLastSearch : View your latest searches withGoogle, Yahoo, and MSN
MyUninstaller : Alternative utility to thestandard Add/Remove applet of Windows.
MozillaCookiesView : alternative to the standard’Cookie Manager’ provided by Netscape and Mozilla.
NetBScanner : Scans all computers in the IPaddresses range you choose, using NetBIOS protocol
NetConnectChoose : Set default Internet connectionand view general connection information.
Network Password Recovery : Recover networkpasswords on Windows XP/2003/Vista.
NetResView : displays the list of all networkresources on your LAN.
NetRouteView : GUI alternative to the standardroute utility of Windows.
NetworkConnectLog : Shows a log ofconnected/disconnected computers on your network.
NetworkInterfacesView : Displays the list of allnetwork adapters/interfaces installed on your system.
NetworkLatencyView : Calculates the networklatency (in milliseconds) for every new TCP connection.
NetworkTrafficView : Displays network trafficstatistics on your network adapter
NirCmd : Do many useful tasks fromcommand-line.
NK2Edit : Full NK2 (AutoComplete) editor forMicrosoft Outlook
NTFSLinksView : View the list of NTFS symboliclinks/junctions in selected folder.
OfficeIns : displays the details of all installedMicrosoft Office add-ins on your computer.
OpenedFilesView : Displays the list of all openedfiles on your system.
OpenSaveFilesView : Displays list of files thatyou previously opened.
OpenWithView : Disable/enable items in the ‘OpenWith’ dialog-box of Windows.
OperaCacheView : Cache viewer for Opera Webbrowser.
OperaPassView : Password recovery tool for OperaWeb browser.
OutlookAddressBookView : Displays the details ofall recipients stored in the address books of Outlook
OutlookAttachView : Extract multiple attachmentsfrom Outlook.
OutlookStatView : Display a general statistics ofyour Outlook emails.
PasswordFox : View passwords stored in Firefox Webbrowser.
Password Security Scanner : Displays securityinformation about passwords stored in your system.
PCAnywhere PassView :
PingInfoView  : ping multiple host names andIP addresses.
ProcessActivityView  : Show the file activityfor selected process.
ProcessThreadsView : Displays extensiveinformation about all threads of the process that you choose.
ProduKey : Displays the CD-Keys ofMS-Office/Windows installed on your computer.
PstPassword : Recover lost password of Outlook PSTfile.
QuickSetDNS : Change the DNS servers that are usedfor your Internet connection.
Remote Desktop PassView : Reveals the passwordstored by Microsoft Remote Desktop utility.
RecentFilesView : Display the list of recentlyopened files
RegDllView : RegDllView is a small utility thatdisplays the list of all registered files.
RegFileExport : Export offline Registry file to.reg file
RegFromApp : Creates .reg file according toRegistry changes made by application.
RegScanner : Scan and find values in theRegistry
ResourcesExtract : Extract resources fromdll/ocx/exe files.
RouterPassView : Recover passwords from routerconfig file.
RTMPDumpHelper : Download RTMP streams inconjunction with RTMPDump toolkit.
RunAsDate : Run a program with the specifieddate.
RunFromProcess : Run a program from anotherprocess that you choose.
SafariCacheView : Cache viewer/extractor forSafari Web browser
SafariHistoryView : History viewer for Safari Webbrowser
SearchFilterView : view the search filtersinstalled on your system.
SearchMyFiles : Alternative to the standard”Search For Files And Folders” module of Windows.
SecuritySoftView : Displays the list ofAntiVirus/AntiSpyware/ Firewall programs on your system.
SeqDownload : Download sequence of images from theWeb, and create animation from them.
ServiWin : displays the list of installed driversand services on your system.
ShellBagsView : Displays the list of all foldersettings saved by Windows.
ShellMenuNew : Disable/Enable items in the Newsubmenu of Explorer.
ShellExView : Displays the details of shellextensions installed on your computer.
ShortcutsMan : Lists all shortcuts on yourdesktop/start menu.
ShellMenuView : Disable/enable static menu itemsin context menu of Explorer.
SimpleProgramDebugger : Displays debugging eventsof a running program.
SimpleWMIView : Displays the result of WMI queriesin a simple table
SiteShoter : Save a screenshot of any Web pageinto a file.
SkypeContactsView : Displays the list of Skypecontacts stored in the local database file of Skype.
SkypeLogView : View log files created by Skype
SmartSniff  : Captures TCP/IP packets andview the captured data as sequence of conversations.
SniffPass : capture the passwords that passthrough your network adapter.
SocketSniff : Watch the Windows Sockets (WinSock)activity of the selected process.
SoundVolumeView : View/change sound levels &save/load sound level profiles on Windows Vista/7/8
SpecialFoldersView : Easily jump to specialfolders in your system.
SysExporter : Grab the data stored in list-views,tree-views, list boxes, and combo boxes.
TableTextCompare : Compare tab-delimited orcomma-delimited (csv) files.
TaskSchedulerView : View/Disable/Enable tasks fromthe Task Scheduler of Windows.
TcpLogView : Monitors the opened TCP connectionson your system.
TurnedOnTimesView : View the time/date ranges thatyour computer was turned on.
URLProtocolView : View/disable/enable the URLprotocols installed on your system
URLStringGrabber : Grab URL strings of Web sitesfrom Internet Explorer
USBDeview  : Lists all installed USB devicesthat you previously used.
USBLogView : Records the details of any USB devicethat is plugged/unplugged into your system
UserAssistView : This utility decrypt and displaysthe list of all UserAssist entries
UserProfilesView : View user profiles informationon your system.
VideoCacheView : Extract Web site video files fromthe cache of your Web browser
VNCPassView : Recover the passwords stored by theVNC tool.
Volumouse : Adjust the volume of your speaker withthe wheel of your mouse.
WakeMeOnLan : Turn on one or more computersremotely by sending Wake-on-LAN (WOL) packet
WebBrowserPassView : Recover lost passwords fromyour Web browser.
WebCacheImageInfo : Shows EXIF information of theimages stored in Web browser cache.
WebCamImageSave : Capture still images from yourWebCam.
WebCookiesSniffer : Captures Web site cookies anddisplays them in a simple table
WebSiteSniffer : Capture Web site files and savethem on your hard drive.
WebVideoCap : Capture Flash Video files and RTSPstreams while watching them in a Web browser.
WhatInStartup : disable/enable/delete programsthat are loaded at Windows startup.
WhatIsHang : Get information about Windowssoftware that hangs.
WhoisCL : Get WHOIS information about a registereddomain from command-line.
WhoIsConnectedSniffer : Shows who connects to yournetwork by listening to network packets.
WhoisThisDomain : Get information about aregistered domain from WHOIS server.
WhosIP : find all available information about anIP address from command-line.
WifiChannelMonitor : Captures wifi traffic inmonitor mode and diaplays AP/clients information.
WifiInfoView : Displays extensive informationabout wireless networks in your area.
WinCrashReport : Displays a report about crashedWindows application.
WinFontsView : Display sample of all fontsinstalled on your system.
WinLister : This utility displays the list ofopened windows on your system.
WinLogOnView : Displays logon/logoff times onWindows Vista/7/8/2008
WinPrefetchView : View the Prefetch files (.pf)stored in your system.
WinsockServicesView : View/Disable/Enable Winsockservice providers installed on your system.
WirelessConnectionInfo : Displays generalinformation and statistics about the active wifi connection.
WirelessKeyDump : dumps the list of all wirelesskeys stored by Windows
WirelessKeyView : recovers lost wireless networkkeys (WEP/WPA) stored in your computer.
WirelessNetConsole : View wireless networksinformation (console application)
WirelessNetView : Monitor the activity of wirelessnetworks around you.
Wireless Network Watcher : Shows who is connectedto your wireless network.
WinUpdatesList : Displays the list of all Windowsupdates (Service Packs and Hotfixes).

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