Sun. May 28th, 2023
Abelssoft EverDoc 2018 v3.23 Crack


Software Description: Abelssoft EverDoc 2018 v3.23 Crack Patch

PDFs, pictures or e-mails – you can now conveniently archiveeverything you need with Abelssoft EverDoc. Simplyprint the desired document and it will automatically be filed inthe background without additional work, Quick and easy access toyour documents via full text search and different sort methods(name, date, keyword), EverDoc includes the possibility to createand restore backups of your library. This way you can always keepyour documents safe.

Here are some key features of “AbelssoftEverDoc”:
– EverDoc manages all documents and formats in a convenient way:PDFs, pictures, e-mails, texts and other documents.
– Regardless of the type – PDF, picture or mail – just print adocument like you used to and EverDoc will archive and manage itautomatically, without bothering you. Just drag & dropdocuments directly into EverDoc. The most popular data formats likeWord, PDF, Libre Office and OpenOffice are supported. Managing yourfiles was never easier.
– You can add your documents in any picture format. The integratedOCR is able to read the contents of these images.
– Never again browse huge, dusty piles of documents. In EverDoc youcan clearly arrange your files and sort them by date, title orassigned keywords. And if that’s not enough, you can always use thefull text search inside the archive.
– The more you use your digital document manager the more you needit. This made us integrate a backup mechanism for you to always beable to restore your archive on another computer.
– EverDoc automatically detects and indexes the established Cloudservice providers.

Installer Size: 54.9 MB

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