Mon. Apr 19th, 2021
Chaos DesktopSync v10.1.0.0 Crack


Software Description: Chaos DesktopSync v10.1.0.0 Crack Patch

Do you remember the days of those pre-iPhone Palm Pilots whereyou just synced your phone with your computer and went out the doorto face the day? Our new Chaos DesktopSync programbrings those days back! You can avoid annual fees and avoid puttingyour data on the Internet, too, because Chaos DesktopSync goesdirect from your computer to your smartphone.

To use Chaos DesktopSync, you need:
    Intellect 4 (or newer) or Time & Chaos 8 (ornewer)
    An Android or iPhone device that uses the samehome or office network as your computer
    Our Chaos mobile apps for Android or iPhone
    This Chaos DesktopSync program

While your computer can be connected with an ethernet wire insteadof Wi-Fi, it needs to be on the same network that your Android oriPhone can connect to with Wi-Fi.
Our Chaos mobile apps for Android include Chaos Calendar, ChaosTasks, Chaos Contacts and Chaos Billing. Each are available forfree download from Google’s play store. Click here for moredetails.

Installer Size: 2.67 MB

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