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ClipboardFusion Pro v5.3 Crack


Software Description: ClipboardFusion Pro v5.3 Keygen Crack

ClipboardFusion makes it easy to removeclipboard text formatting, replace clipboard text or run powerfulmacros on your clipboard contents! You can even sync your clipboardwith other computers and mobile devices.

Remove Clipboard Formatting
ClipboardFusion scrubs text copied to the clipboard so that it canbe pasted into different applications without formatting. It can bedone automatically or with a customizable HotKey.

Replace Clipboard Text
ClipboardFusion can replace clipboard text with pre-definedstrings. Maybe you want to replace all ‘&’ symbols with theirHTML equivalent, & – it’s up to you!

Quickly access ClipboardFusion by setting up customizable keycombinations you can press at anytime. ClipboardFusion is always atyour fingertips!

Use Powerful Macros
Create your own macros using C# in the integrated editor to performcompletely customized transformations on your text. The power ofthe macros is only limited by your imagination. Also, be sure tocheck out the pre-made Macros, created by other members of theClipboardFusion community.

Customize the way you use your Clipboard by setting up differentactions to do almost anything you can think of – in the blink of aneye!

Sync Your Clipboard
Create a Binary Fortress Account and sync your clipboard text withother computers or devices, or just store it so you can use itagain later. Sync with Android, Apple iOS, BlackBerry, WindowsPhone, Windows 8 (Metro) and more. Sharing your clipboard with allof your devices has never been easier!

Clipboard Manager
The ClipboardManager is the main focal point of ClipboardFusion.You can view your Clipboard History, Pinned Items, Online Items,and your custom Macros. Edit, pin, sync, search, reorder, and useyour items all from one window!

Security is Everything
Everything you send or receive using the Clipboard Syncing featureis encrypted using 256bit encryption.

Installer Size: 5.79 MB

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