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Clone Files Checker v5.1.0.0 Crack


Software Description: Clone Files Checker v5.1.0.0 Cracked

Duplicate files are quite a hassle since, while they do eat upspace, nobody really finds the time to take care of them. However,there are software solutions that offer to do that for you, andClone Files Checker is one of them. The programcan scan your computer based on a series of filters, which meansthe entire task should be untroublesome from beginning to end.

Duplicate checker for the system and cloud
First things first, the application sports an intuitive GUI thatshould raise no difficulty to users, regardless of their level ofexpertise. It is worth mentioning that it comes with support forsystem and cloud scanning, which makes it stand out from thecrowd.
You simply need to indicate the drive or folder you want it toscan, with the possibility of excluding specific locations from theoperation. Note that selecting multiple directories at once can bedone, which obviously saves considerable time.

Comes with support for multiple scan modes
This step applies to all three available scan modes, namely file,music, and iTunes search. Another similitude between them is thefact that they all come with filters, which implies you can forcethe task to generate relevant results only.
To be more specific, you can scan all files or strictly documents,archives, music, videos, or images, with the option to ignore fileswhose size falls into user-defined intervals. All these parameterscan be used for cloud scanning as well.

Lets you resort to various filters
As for the music search mode, you can differentiate files based onartist, album, track, duration, bit rate, and file content. Note,however, that, considering that clones are identified based ontags, there is the risk of erroneously indicating files asduplicates, so you need to be extra careful in this case.
When you are done, you can remove your duplicates and start a newtask or copy them to a new location of your choice. Exporting thelist of duplicates is also an option.
The program’s “Settings” section provides you with some goodies aswell. It lets you choose from three search options, namely CRC32,MD5, and SHA1, with the possibility of indicating which types ofitems you want it to skip or protect. What’s more, fine-tuning thefile formats associated with each type of content can result inmore suitable filters.

Can find clones and free up space
All in all, Clones Files Checker is a capable duplicate removerthat can free up space both on your computer and in the cloud.While its interface is intuitive enough even for users who are notnecessarily dealing with such tasks on a daily basis, the filtersit boasts are varied enough for anyone to be able to find what theyare looking for.

– 1-Click removal of duplicate files w/ 100% accuracy and speed
– Customized scanner to scan specific drives and duplicatefolders
– Right-click scan option to identify and remove dupe files
– Quick-Fix that will let you trash the unwanted filesinstantly
– Restore and revert deleted duplicates data which is stored in acompressed format by the software
– Export files to Microsoft Excel
– Live preview of images, songs, videos
– Move identical files to another folder
– Move files to recycle bin

Installer Size: 3.46 MB

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