Mon. Apr 19th, 2021
Copernic Desktop Search v4.2.0 Crack


Software Description: Copernic Desktop Search v4.2.0 Cracked

Copernic Desktop Search can help you quicklyfind files hidden in every corner of system, which is much morepowerful than the system’s own search tool on function, and is muchsimpler and more efficient on use. It supports fast searching formore than 150 kinds of file types, including emails, Officedocuments, PDF file, images, audio, video, E-mail contacts,bookmarks, history records, and so on. Besides, you can makeclassified search according to types, also can perform full searchcovering all types of files.

As one of the computer file searching edge tools that has ever beenrated as the best desktop search software, Copernic Desktop Searchalso enables you to find your file directly by searching the textcontent in a file. This feature is very practical and efficient.Because most of time, you may not remember what the name of somefolder or file is, but we can almost always remember the findingcontent inside.

– Microsoft® Word
– Microsoft® Excel
– Microsoft® PowerPoint
– Microsoft® OneNote
– WordPerfect®
– OpenOffice
– StarOffice

– Microsoft® Outlook
– Windows Live Mail
– Lotus Notes
– Eudora
– Mozilla® Thunderbird™

– Text
– Microsoft® Rich Text Format
– UTF8 documents
– Comma-Separated Variables files
– eBook files

– Programming language
– Active Server Page
– C Code/Program files
– C++ Code/program files
– C# .NET Source files
– Java™ Source Code files
– XML Stylesheet
– Hypertext Markup Language documents
– Extensible Markup Language documents
– PHP Script

– 7Z

– Audio files
– Pictures
– Videos

Browser Favorites & History
– Internet Shortcut (.URL files)
– Internet Explorer®
– Google Chrome™
– Microsoft Edge
– Mozilla® Firefox®

– Microsoft® Outlook
– Windows Live Mail
– Lotus Notes
– Windows Address Book
– Mozilla® Thunderbird™

Installer Size: 18.54 MB

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