Fri. Apr 23rd, 2021
Easy Image v6.0 Crack


Software Description: Easy Image v6.0 Cracked

Eazy Image is an affordable and reliable driveimage solution that allows you to create backup images of harddisks or partitions in user-friendly Windows interface with justseveral clicks. Eazy Image protects your valuable data fromdisasters in the most simple and effective way!

Real-time Hard Disk Imaging Backup
All your applications remain online during the hard drive backup.Eazy Image performs hot backup and protects your system withoutinterrupting your working process.

Fast and Reliable System Restore
Eazy Image delivers fast workstations restore even from bare-metalstate. You can browse backup images and restore separate files andfolders or entire hard disk partitions and hard disks.

User-Friendly Recovery Media Builder
Eazy Image includes a user-friendly recovery media builder thatallows you to create and burn bootable recovery CD/DVDs containingHDD backup images.

Hardware and Software Flexibility
Wide range of software and hardware support, local or networkbackup media support as well as built-in CD/DVD Burner to place HDDbackup images on CD/DVD delivers great flexibility to ITprofessionals and system administrators.

Installer Size: 94.41 MB

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