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ExamXML Pro v5.50 Build 1081 x86/x64 Crack


Software Description: ExamXML Pro v5.50 Build 1080 x86/x64 Cracked

ExamXML Pro is a professional applicationdesigned to compare XML files. It was specially developed forcomparing, editing and merging XML files in an intelligent manner.It provides best-in-class features that distinguish ExamXML Profrom other XML comparison tools.

ExamXML Pro supports folder hierarchy comparison, enabling youto compare entire directory trees. Ideal for users who wantidentify changes between XML files and modify differences on thefly. Unique to ExamXML Pro is its ability to ignore specifiedelements that match defined condition. In addition to the usualtextual comparison ExamXML Pro can compare numbers in numericformat and dates in datetime formats.
ExamXML Pro displays the XML document in a tree view, highlightingdifferences down to the level of elements, words or attributes, sothat you can view exactly which attributes and elements have beenadded, modified or deleted.

ExamXML Pro also provides a lightweight XML Editor for modificationXML documents. Learn how ExamXML Pro simplifies the process ofcomparing and merging XML files

Here are some key features of “ExamXML Pro”:
– Fast loads and compares XML files.
– Integrated folder hierarchy comparison.
– Displays only modified and deleted XML elements.
– XML schema validation during loading.
– Launch the program with command line arguments.
– Compare XML files using key elements or key attributes.
– Modify XML documents in lightweight and easy-to-use XMLEditor.
– Fonts and colors are completely customizable.
– Save differences between XML files in XML format.
– Merge XML files.
– Replace and insert XML elements.
– Synchronization XML elements and replacing differentelements.
– Select encoding of the output XML files.
– Set of operations for the deep analysis of differences.
– Ignores attributes or content of XML elements.
– Compares XML elements, ignoring specified attributes.
– Ignores XML elements that matches logical condition.
– Quick navigation through differences.
– Displays XML file or XML element with external application.
– Highlights differences down to the level of elements, words orattributes.
– Drag-and-Drop support for loading XML files.
– Normalization of dates and numeric fields.
– Rounds digital fields at normalization.
– Compare just significant figures of numbers.
– Provide API for using in client application.

Installer Size: 1.3 + 1.6 MB

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