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Software Description: ExtraRenamer v2.1 Full Crack

ExtraRenamer allows you to easily and quicklyrename video (mpg, avi, dat, mp4), audio (mp3, wav, ai), image(jpg, gif, bmp, tif) and other types of files with flexible anduser defined renaming options.

Whenever you are worried about renaming photos from your digitalcamera, audio tracks from your PC or your collection of videos,ExtraRenamer will make it easy for you to quickly rename anything(filename and extension) using full set of features.

Here are some key features of”ExtraRenamer”:
– Easy to use and intuitive user interface.
– Quickly rename files with various options mentioned below
– Removal of alphabets, numbers and special characters from filename.
– Add/replace user defined text.
– Add current and file date to the file name,
– Add user defined counter with a user defined start number.
– Add files from a folder and its sub folders at a glance.
– Change case (Upper, Lower, Title Case, Toggle Case)
– Save renamed files list to M3U playlist for easy playback.
– Save renamed files list to CSV file to maintain renamehistory.
– Copy all renamed files from various folders to a single folderwith a click of a button. This can be useful when you want to writeCD of all renamed files or add files to a single ZIP file.
– Preview file name before you actually rename it.
– Predefined filters which allows you to view specific files whenyou add them for renaming.

Installer Size: 2.6 MB

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