Sun. Feb 5th, 2023
File Investigator Tools v3.20 Crack


Software Description: File Investigator Tools v3.17 Full Crack

We’ve merged our File Investigator technology with Windows FileFind and the DOS Directory command, to search for files by theirFile Type, Contents, Operating System/Platform, Data StorageMethod, File Attributes, plus more. Forget using file extensions,now you can search for files intelligently and browse through theirmetadata.

File Investigator TOOLS (FI TOOLS) includesboth FI File Find and FI Directory applications, which identifymore file types with higher accuracy than any other productavailable. Imagine searching for files by categories rather thanhaving to specify file extensions or a few file types. You can dothat now, from Windows and from the command line. Visit the FI FileFind page to see how easy it is to search by categories likeGraphic Images, Personal/User Data, Spreadsheets, Digital Audio andPalm OS related files. Or, visit the FI Directory page to see howyou can perform the same operations directly from the command lineor batch files.

Installer Size: 5.60 MB

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